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  1. I happen to have the zoom gear for this lens if you're interested....in addition to the lens itself. I just haven't posted an ad yet
  2. I happen to have a Panasonic Lumix 8mm fisheye wide angle lens and Zen 4.33 glass dome port that I'm about to put up for sale. I just recently bought a 7-14mm Panasonic lens and like it a bit better since it's more versatile.... Both the lens and Zen dome port are LIKE NEW! Is this combo what you're looking for?
  3. I have the Olympus 12-50 lens and zoom gear, but don't have the corresponding port. If anyone has one of these and would like to sell it, please let me know... Thanks!
  4. I'm interested in the 12-40 PRO lens and its' port.....please PM me if you still have them Thanks, Debbie
  5. I might be interested in the 12-40 Pro lens....do you have the port too?
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