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  1. Dave, I have pretty much what you're looking for, although I have separate ads for the pieces. I currently have a Nauticam housing, Canon T5i, macro port, Zen glass dome port, and a pair of Inon Z240 strobes..... All of these you can find in my ads here on Wetpixel...please PM me if interested. All are in EXCELLENT condition!! I just decided to go smaller and lighter with a mirror less system. Thanks, Deb
  2. Thank you EVERYONE for the helpful hints and tips!! I sincerely appreciate all emails and linksā€¦. :-)
  3. Hi Griff, Thanks for the link, but I had already seen this link (and read through it) but it's not specific enough for the camera settingsā€¦ Where do you set the flash synch?
  4. HELP!! I just purchased this new camera after downsizing from a Canon SLR. I'm trying to go through the MAZE of menus, sub menus and sub sub menus to set up for an upcoming dive trip in a few weeks... Can someone help me with what they use for basic settings for this camera? I'm having trouble getting the camera to readily focus with the attached internal flash. There are so MANY customizable features on this little camera that's it a bit overwhelming!!!! Desperate in Florida!!
  5. All clamps are SOLD - only have 2 arm segments left!!
  6. I'm not fond of the YS mounts since the ball mounts are much more maneuverable.....
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