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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. It seems the strobe is defective. I will try to get my money back through paypal.
  2. I recently bought some YS-60 strobes on ebay. The idea is to use it with the digital adapter from heinrichsweikamp. This will be my first strobes, so i thought that this was a relatively cheap way to start. The first one i got looks very well maintained. A little bit of corrosion on one battery lid. But i tested it and it worked fine. The second one i got looked a lot worse. Lots of corrosion on the metal bits. And also the battery compartment had it share of corrosion. When i tested the second strobe, the red light did come on. But it did not flash at all. At close inspection the inside of the battery compartment looks slightly different. I have attached a picture (of the working strobe).The working one seems to have a metal bit in the hole. But the faulty one has not. I wonder if the strobe got flooded. Does anybody still have these old puppies and has any ideas on this? Update: after some more testing it seems that there is a communication problem. The TTL light never lights up on the faulty one.
  3. Hi guys and gals, i am Joeri. Been diving since 2001, but mainly on holidays. I have started with underwater photography in 2011. Currently working on improving my camera setup with strobes.
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