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  1. Hello everyone, I'm selling my S-Turtle Trigger for Sony systems. It is perfectly working it just miss the led adapter that I've lost during my last trip. (can be purchased new for 40€) The USB charging cable wasn't include in the original box, but I'll add a good one for free to compensate the missing led adapter. I'm actually in Paris, France but can ship it worldwide with UPS. Total €200€ + shipping. Best.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm selling my Nauticam Wet Wide Angle Lens WWL-1 with the original Nauticam custom case, the front neoprene protection and the following : x1 Nauticam buoyancy foam float collar for WWL-1 x1 Nauticam hard cap for WWL-1 x1 M67 bayonet mount converter for WWL-1 The lenses is in perfect shape, not a scratch. (if need I can send you more pictures) I'm actually in Paris, France but can ship it worldwide with UPS. Total 1000€ + shipping. Best.
  3. Hello Carlos, Sorry, the only way I accept to split the kit is like this : complete housing + vacuum system port strobes video arms No problem to send to Portugal, I can send anywhere in the world and produce a commercial invoice.
  4. Hi, I've sold the WWL-1 but everything else is still available. Price is now reduced, the whole package is for 3200 $ or 2650 €. I'm selling it with my company so I can make a commercial invoice. Shipping with UPS worldwide.
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