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  1. Hello everyone, I'm selling my S-Turtle Trigger for Sony systems. It is perfectly working it just miss the led adapter that I've lost during my last trip. (can be purchased new for 40€) The USB charging cable wasn't include in the original box, but I'll add a good one for free to compensate the missing led adapter. I'm actually in Paris, France but can ship it worldwide with UPS. Total €200€ + shipping. Best.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm selling my Nauticam Wet Wide Angle Lens WWL-1 with the original Nauticam custom case, the front neoprene protection and the following : x1 Nauticam buoyancy foam float collar for WWL-1 x1 Nauticam hard cap for WWL-1 x1 M67 bayonet mount converter for WWL-1 The lenses is in perfect shape, not a scratch. (if need I can send you more pictures) I'm actually in Paris, France but can ship it worldwide with UPS. Total 1000€ + shipping. Best.
  3. Hello Carlos, Sorry, the only way I accept to split the kit is like this : complete housing + vacuum system port strobes video arms No problem to send to Portugal, I can send anywhere in the world and produce a commercial invoice.
  4. Hi, I've sold the WWL-1 but everything else is still available. Price is now reduced, the whole package is for 3200 $ or 2650 €. I'm selling it with my company so I can make a commercial invoice. Shipping with UPS worldwide.
  5. Yep I know Turtle triggers, they are working well and this is a very good exemple to illustrate my point. Once again, Nikon and Canon had the priority, the first Turtle TLL was developed for this two brands only. Sony user was alone without any TTL trigger on the market at this time. (nice blog post about that on Smart trt-electronics website) In the end Turtle finally developed a TTL trigger for Sony camera too, so that's great! But coming back to my initial reflexion, I'm wondering why, once again Nikon and Canon had the priority?!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm actually in Paris, France and I'm selling all my uw camera gear. x1 Nauticam AR II housing with Nauticam flat port for Sony 28mm (US$ 1 500,00) x1 Nauticam Vacuum Check And Leak Detection System (US$ 200,00) x1 Nauticam 27cm Lanyard with shackles and mounting plates (US$ 20,00) x1 Nauticam bayonet mount lens holder (US$ 35,00) x1 Nauticam Wet Wide Angle Lens WWL-1 + Buoyancy Foam Float Collar + Hard Cap + M67 bayonet mount converter (US$ 850,00) x1 Nauticam mini flash trigger (US$ 125,00) x2 Nauticam double all arms 400mm (US$ 30,00 each) x2 Nauticam double all arms 200mm (US$ 25,00 each) x2 Nauticam double all arms 125mm (US$ 20,00 each) x10 StiX buoyancy floats (US$ 12,00 each) x2 Sea&Sea YS-D2 strobes (US$ 250,00 each) x8 AA rechargeable batteries (US$ 10,00) x3 Fiber optic cables (US$ 40,00 each) x2 Ikelite triple ball clamps (US$ 30,00 each) x4 Aquatica double ball clamps (US$ 15,00 each) x2 iTorch Venom C92 video lights (US$ 350,00 each) Total US$ 4370,00 + shipping. I'll like to sell the package preferably but I'm also open to split the kit. You can check all pictures in hi-res here : UW-KIT PHOTOS Best.
  7. Hello everyone, I have no idea why but it's seems always easier to build a UW camera kit with TTL for Nikon and Canon. Some strobes are even design for Nikon and Canon, like the Seaflash 160D from Seacam. So what about other brands shooters... like Sony for exemple? Are Nikon and Canon the only solid brand regarding TTL? Why strobe manufacturer seems so shy why other brands? It is because of historical reasons? In the end I really prefer to have full manual control and I'm not a big fan of TTL. It's more for my culture and to satisfy my curiosity !
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