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  1. Just a tip for those wanting to take a laptop as well, but not having a fancy computer pouch within. I unclipped the straps on my regular laptop bag and clipped it to my carry-on bag. Still counts as 1 item
  2. I'd guess that because that freediver pic is in black and white it was entered by mistake into that competition, rather than the black and white one.
  3. remove the trailing "%C2%A0" from the address.. or click here here and here respectively
  4. Any idea when this lense is going to be released? google didn't turn up much.
  5. Depends how wide you want to go! After taking into account the crop factor, etc. the wide end of the 17-85 isn't that wide. It is a good lense if you aren;t really sure what you're going to be shooting size wise. If you want to shoot wide, get the 10-22! They're about £400 on ebay from hong kong. A fairly standard entry level setup for the 20d now days is 2x DS-125 Ike housing 10-22 EF-s 60mm Macro Ports etc. p.s. Enjoy the maldives!
  6. Thats a hell of a digital back if you ask me! 117mb file size! http://www.phaseone.com/Content/p1digitalbacks/P%2045.aspx Overkill? at £18,900 + vat, I might as well get two! Oh wait....
  7. My dear old Sony DSC-P1 suffered a tragic death in the maldives. On the 13th dive of the trip (on the 13th of the month) it flooded! The total dive time was 13 minutes (Was a bit slow realising, now check as soon as I hit the water!). Later found out after I'd finished preping the camera, an ant had crawled accross the O-ring just as I was shuting it. Bastard! superstitious? Me?! Never!
  8. I'm in pretty much the same situation right now, looking to upgrade from compact -> dSLR. Just priced up a 20D with everything on your list except the 90-300 and an 18-55 instead of a 17-85 , it comes out £4000ish buying it all from camerasunderwater.co.uk (althought I may try and work on them at the birmingham dive show!) plan b is to sell my soul for a complete 5D rig
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