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  1. Depends how wide you want to go! After taking into account the crop factor, etc. the wide end of the 17-85 isn't that wide. It is a good lense if you aren;t really sure what you're going to be shooting size wise. If you want to shoot wide, get the 10-22! They're about £400 on ebay from hong kong.


    A fairly standard entry level setup for the 20d now days is

    2x DS-125

    Ike housing

    10-22 EF-s

    60mm Macro

    Ports etc.


    p.s. Enjoy the maldives!

  2. My dear old Sony DSC-P1 suffered a tragic death in the maldives. On the 13th dive of the trip (on the 13th of the month) it flooded! The total dive time was 13 minutes (Was a bit slow realising, now check as soon as I hit the water!). Later found out after I'd finished preping the camera, an ant had crawled accross the O-ring just as I was shuting it. Bastard!


    superstitious? Me?! Never!

  3. I'm in pretty much the same situation right now, looking to upgrade from compact -> dSLR.

    Just priced up a 20D with everything on your list except the 90-300 and an 18-55 instead of a 17-85 , it comes out £4000ish buying it all from camerasunderwater.co.uk (althought I may try and work on them at the birmingham dive show!)


    plan b is to sell my soul for a complete 5D rig :D

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