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  1. SOLD - All of this equipment has now sold - thanks for your interest
  2. Thanks Phil - I've ordered the ports for the 16-35mm and the 90mm to get me started. Really looking forward to your full review in uwpmag soon.
  3. Hi The WA lens in type 2 - will sell for AUD $350 The Inon UCL100M67 is AUD$275 Thanks Hayley
  4. I have been shooting with a Sony RX100 ii/Nauticam/Inon wet lens for the last few years with some great results. I'm putting my gear up for sale and buying a new Sony A7R2 to use top side as well as underwater. I'de love to hear thoughts on the perfect lens selection for underwater. Firstly I like the sound of the Sony 24-70mm F4 lens as it gives you similar options that I get from the RX100 being able to do a wider selection of shot types on the one dive. Something I have got so use to. For wide angle which set up will be smaller and give the best results? The Sony FE 28mm f/22 with the 16mm f/3.5-22 Fisheye converter lens or the Sony 16-35mm The Sony 90mm for macro looks pretty good as well. Do I get the macro and a wide angle only - or a wide angle and the 24-70mm with the super macro wet lens?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. For sale Sony RX100 ii only ever used in the housing for underwater photography (has a mark on the plastic near lens cover - cosmetic only) Nauticam housing Inon UCL100M67 10 x macro lens Inon 67mm Close up lens Inon 67mm wide angle lens All in great second hand condition - a perfect set up for a full range of photography. Total AUD $1900 - payment accepted via Paypal Camera located in Sydney, Australia - happy to ship anywhere at buyers expense
  6. Hello I'm Hayley from Sydney Australia, a diver for over 30 years - ex instructor and now very keen underwater photographer. Trying to work out how to add a photo to my profile???? I'm about to sell my Sony RX 100 ii set up and upgrade to the new Sony A7r ii with a nauticam housing.
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