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  1. lots of questions, but no replys shone??? Has this system been sold, in part or in whole? am extremely interested in whole package, have been folowing on and off for a while. Located near Boston Ma, diverdon@comcast.net
  2. I am interested at $2000.00 diverdon, I did not get the othher one listed I am interested at 2 grand
  3. interested in just the housing, as I have a 5d mII cam and housing with extras for my lenses, I will post old mII housing once I get a mIII to replace it
  4. how much for the camera body in US Dollars, what els do you have with it?
  5. Looking for an Aquatica housing for Canon 5D Mark III! I have a 5d Mark II body, housing, and goodies, and am looking to sell 5d mII body and just that housing.
  6. sorrry did not see previouse post of housing sold :-(
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