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  1. There is a place in La Paz called Club Cantamar. They use an ultralight plane to spot whale sharks for the dive boats. The water is very warm in the summer and the vis. averages around 60". Go on their websight and check it out. You can also check out the scubaboard forums under the travel section for Mexico. Pedro from the Cantamar resort is very good about answering any questions about diving the area. His user name on that forum is Cantamar. We are going there in September...Good luck!
  2. Belize is very expensive. Ramons has one of the best dive operations I have seen anywhere, but, the reef surrounding the area is pretty damaged. Even the southern barrier reef had a good amount of damage in areas and not a lot of fish. The best diving was off the Turneffe elbow. Bottom line, I would go elsewhere for the money.....
  3. Looking for a good place to take my wife for a long weekend(4 night) dive trip. Any recomendations for Yucatan resorts? Not sure if Cozumel is are best bet or not. Interested in Tulum or Playa del Carmen, but, open to suggestions and the possibility that Cozumel may be our best bet. I am concerned about diving the areas that didn't get the brunt of thedamage from the hurricane. She is concerned with having a nice beach and convenient dive facilities. We also want to dive the cenotes. Thanks... Danny
  4. We did some phenomenal diving on Kandavu...We dove with Dive Kandavu and they were great. The island is beautiful, but, very remote.
  5. If you are looking to do "something nice for a change" then go to one of the outer islands. The diving and accomodations tend to be much nicer. Have fun, i'm jealous...
  6. Are you talking about diving on the main island or on one of the outer islands? We dove quite a bit off the main island, and it was good. The Diving and accomodations were reasonable and comfortable. None of the places we stayed had a/c, nor did we need it. We also did a lot of diving off the island of Kandavu. It is the second largest and least populated island in the chain. The diving was phenomenal! More expensive, but, well worth it.
  7. Hello, My name is Danny , and I am a Firefighter for Los Angeles County. Me and my wife try to get wet as often as possible. She is not a big fan of cold water diving, so, we try to travel as much as our 2yo son will allow. I end up diving the channel islands without her as much as i can in between trips. Our favorite place to dive so far is Fiji. We just got back from Belize and were dissapointed with the diving. As far as Photography, we are waiting for our first uw setup. I have used this forum to help guide me in the right direction. Thanks to everyone for all the help. I'm sure i will frequent the sight in the near future to guide me through using our new setup. Stay safe.... Danny
  8. thanks dave....s60 it is....
  9. Thank you for your input. I am able to find and s60 for sale. I would pay about $100-$150 more for the s70. Does this seem right? Is it worth it to spend the extra money? Are there any other cameras i should consider first?
  10. I am new to uw photo and looking to purchase a small canon point and shoot. Is the extra $ for an s70 worth it above an s60? I am partial to any small canon camera that uses a cf card as i already have a digital rebel. I also want this camera to be a small pocket camera option on land. Am i on the right track?
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