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  1. I currently am using the panasonic lumix lx100 because of the quality custom white balance, but would love to switch to sony for the specs (sensor, AF, full frame models, etc.) but without quality white balance, the limitations are not worth it. Id love some opinions on the importance of this for you, and how you have dealt with these limitations in any camera without quality dynamic custom white balance without the need for a magic filter. Im looking into the sony A6300
  2. Would love to hear your experiences, any links to photo/video, and recommendations of lenses and ports which have been successful. Any situations where it does/does not work well would be great. ie: natural ilght, video, low light, etc.
  3. Anyone with experience using this camera? With nauticam housing, and if so, would love to hear your experience with the autofocus for video, and any links to examples you might have. It looks like the best choice for manual white balance high resolution in natural light (around 40-50 ft.) Im on Oahu and will be shooting mostly in hawaii btw. Cheers!
  4. thanks so much for the post. Its interesting to me that mirrorless are so highly recommended for underwater photo/video, because, to me, the colors are looking so much better than anything I am seeing online from a mirrorless. Am I wrong? Any comments? That, coupled with the battery life issues, and the lower resolution of the gh4 images, makes it seem that for underwater getting a canon is a no brainer. especially because i will be doing a lot of natural light diving where i would need a good whitebalance. Im looking at the 6d for its wifi, and full frame sensor. But since I will be doing video as well, is the autofocus a serious issue? any experiences or suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Great, did you attach the pdf to the article? A big problem I have been seeing is the quality of the color compared to canon, and I heard that the video is poor with the a7 markii and a7r mark ii. Thanks for the pictures.
  6. whats the best lens for the gh4 when shooting stills and video of humans and turtles 5-10 ft away(I will be working for a dive shop shooting their customers) I will be doing macro as well on other dives, but the majority of my shooting will be 5-10 ft away. I want to make sure I dont get the problems with fisheye on video. thanks
  7. Anyone with experience with the GH4 underwater stills? I know the video is great, but want to see some examples of stills.
  8. Not trying to change the topic of this thread, but regarding new mirrorless, do you have any experience with the Sony A72 or A7r2 underwater? They both have nauticam housings.
  9. It seems like these are the cameras to get if you want to go mirrorless and be able to take great stills and video. It seems that they blow the Lumix GH4 out of the water for stills because of the full frame sensor. Any experiences?
  10. Thanks for your response. I will be working for a dive shop and will be selling the photos, and I would like to get gear that can work in low light as well as with a strobe. I have heard of problems with the gh4 performing adequate white balance, and am curious if anyone has experience with the a7r2 underwater, whether it performs on the level of say the 5dmark3. I have heard that the camera heats up while capturing 4k. I am hoping to hear some experiences with either the sony A7r2, or the sony A72 underwater. I would use the nauticam housing.
  11. I am currently looking to upgrade equipment. Will be doing photo/video 50/50 of the time. I was conidering the lumix gh4, but just read about the sony a7r2, which seems incredibly better for taking quality stills. I am curious about peoples experience with the sony a7r2, regarding the whole process of use, from lenses, strobes, to dealing with the larger file size. I will be working for a dive shop, so will have a lot of file sharing via dropbox to do, so it might not be worth having a full frame mirrorless. Lastly, mirrorless vs dslr pros and cons? Thanks
  12. Aloha, I'm Dave, originally from California, currently residing on Oahu. Looking to upgrade and wanted to join the community to discuss gear and then share photos/video later!
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