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  1. Thanks Glasseye Snapper, Going through my photos I see the fish in # 2 when I was shooting other subjects. They seem to all be on Halgerda in the same head down position. Craig
  2. I did look at all the Cardinalfish and Snappers on Fishbase. I don't think I found a match. Thanks for the help. Craig
  3. Thanks Brian, I think you got it with Cosmocampus banneri. They say it's rarely seen, but I saw two of them on different days. Thanks Chris. The fish I can't find is the mostly transparent one, and yes it was swimming in a school of Moluccan Cardinalfish. Thanks for the tip about the naturalist site. Thanks Eagle Ray. Bengal is a good guess, I wish I could find a description of a juvenile though.
  4. One more fish. The Nudis were laying eggs. Hoping someone knows the Sea Hare and the Shrimp. I saw the shrimp mostly on Sea Pens. Craig
  5. I think the last one is a Nudibranch, but not positive. I think I see gills. The first two I have no clue. Craig
  6. I'm hoping someone here knows a few of these fish. The fish on the Halimeda allowed a close approach and never moved. I'm pretty sure one is a Juvenile Snapper, but not sure which one. Thanks in advance. Craig
  7. Wondering if anyone knows these fish. I can't find the Cardinalfish in any of my books, but Popes website has it as Ostorhinchus wassinki. Doesn't mention if this is a juvenile stage. The other three I can't find. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Could be a Juvenile Giant Damselfish, Microspathodon dorsalis. I've seen these in the Galapagos and also the Sea of Cortez. The iridescent blue spots and lines look right and also the lighter blue edge on the ventral and anal fins, although I've not seen one where the rest looks exactly like yours. On the ones I've seen the rest of the fish had dark blue scales outlined in black. Craig
  9. Try Junenile Puffer Fliefish, Brachaluteres taylori
  10. I think this is Asterropteryx ensifera, Bluedot Goby.
  11. Anyone know this fish. I'm thinking maybe and juvenile Jawfish?
  12. Try Enneapterygius tutuilae, Highhat Triplefin. There should be white bars behind the second and thrid dorsal fins, but they would be blocked in this photo. Craig
  13. Could be, it would have really helped if I'd gotten a better picture.
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