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  1. We are operating a dive travel agency in Malaysia and want to start renting out simple and easy to use digital cameras for snorkelers and divers. Our customers are tourists rather than serious photographers (i guess serious photographers would bring their own cameras) so the units must be very easy to use and as forgiving as possible. I guess we''ll use still cameras only for now and maybe progress to video when we have more experience. Most of our dives are not very deep and we spend lots of time in shallow water as our coral extends up to the surface and this allows long bottom time. As rental equipment, we need gear that is robust and gives few problems. As there are bound to be mishaps and problems, I guess it would be best to keep to the cheaper end of the scale, but perhaps that is a wrong assumption. I would really love to hear from anyone who has rental experience, or is in a situation where digitals with uw housings are used daily. All tips and advice greatly appreciated -- I plan to post a log of our experiences with this business online to help anyone else getting into this business.
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