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  1. Our (Sandy and Bob) diving avocation began in 2006 when we began a 3-year residence in Singapore. We took advantage of the excellent access to diving sites in Southeast Asia and after coming back to Colorado we continue to return to Southeast Asia, especially to Bunaken Marine Park near Manado in Sulawesi. Trips are about 3 weeks with a goal of 3 dives per day. We prefer staying at dive centers. Live-aboard is not an option (seasickness). We are both advanced open water with no ambitions to venture into the decompression zone. We both have about 200 dives in our log. We own our own gear; BCs, regulators, etc. We do like to take photos of what we see on our dives with the purpose of recording our trips and sharing with family and friends. Photo equipment is Canon G9 and G10 with Canon underwater housings.
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