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  1. Up for grabs is a brand new set of Subsee Diopters +5 and +10 (67mm thread) with a Saga Dual Flip holder (67mm thread)


    The gear has never been used and is in 100% perfect condition. Selling due to never having had the chance to use them and thought I'd sell rather than have them collect dust.


    RRP the set goes for around $700USD (~$1000AUD). Selling the bundle for $450USD ($600AUD). You are basically buying the diopters and getting the holder free.


    Would prefer to sell the bundle as a whole.


    I am in Perth, Western Australia. Am happy to ship anywhere at buyers expense, will also accept paypal with buyer covering the ~3% extra charge.






  2. G'day Bart,


    Yeah all shot on an old Gopro 3. The quality isn't great but it was really quite fun and simple shooting.


    I used a simple U frame to mount the Gopro. To that I had a Sola 2000 light attached on a flex line. I mounted a cheap Gorilla Pod plastic tripod to get steady shots with the MacroMate lens from backscatter.


    I found I lost a lot of good shots due to the Gopro being full auto. It would bump up the exposure when I shot against the dark substrate. The Spot metering I found worked sometimes but I gave up on it as the settings are a pain to navigate through.


    I edited in the vignette for a couple reasons. The corner sharpness was very poor (not that the video is sharp at all), I found adding a vignette added some more feeling, bring more attention to the subject, solved corner sharpness and helped some of the shots blend better. I know some people don't like vignettes on video but its seemed better to my eye than without.


    I'd really like to try out the manual setting on the 4, I feel it would perform much better with lighting. But I think I will wait for the Gopro 5 or perhaps save some cash for a real setup.

  3. G'day all,


    I recently came back from a trip to Indonesia and thought I'd share a video I've just finished. Most of the shots are from around the liberty wreck with a few trips further down the coast towards Amed. I'm fairly new to shooting underwater but it's quickly become an obsession that I can't get enough of, hopefully next year I'll be able to fork out for a proper camera/housing. I really love getting into macro.



    Hope you enjoy!



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