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  1. I give upp on this and stay happy with shooting manual. That's what I do most of the time. I have a feeling there is something not quite right with the strobe. I've experimented with all settings, putting the strobe and camera(s) head-to-head etc. I've never had any problems with the fibre-optic cord. I don't get any green light on the strobe in any situation. No dump or full dump is what I get. I've tested with a Canon G12 and the RX100Mk2. I have a vague memory reading somewhere that S&S TTL can be a bit irregular in its behaviour on older strobes. Case closed cold. Thanks a lot for all time and suggestions. This was my first thread for help here and I'll definitely come back! Happy diving Peter
  2. From S&S homepage I found that the strobe was updated and the new version ha Ver 1.1 stated on the side of the strobe. My strobe hasn't so I guess its the original version. I doubt there is a way to update my strobe. Is this the reason why TTL doesn't work? Peter
  3. Thank you very much for your suggestions. It all works nicely with the strobe in manual for all camera modes (ASM, haven't tried P). I just switch the strobe to Manual 1 (camera with pre-flash) and adjust the light on the strobe. When you say "Try pre-flash mode....." I get the feeling there is a way to shut off the pre-flash, is there? I had to double check, yes it's turned off. What other settings may I be missing?? Peter
  4. Page 82 in the manual. Also, according to some guides at uwphotographyguide.com, using TTL is recommended in some situations, and Im not sure TTL is possible without pre-flash. With my previous camera, Canon G12, there were a pre-flasg in AS (P?) mode but not with M. I could use TTL shooting in AS but not in M. Most time I use M and strobe in manual but I would like to be able to use the TTL option too. How to use TTL in M mode is another question...... Peter
  5. Hello all, as the title indicates, I have a hard time getting my Sony RX100-II and S&S 110alfa to shoot using TTL-mode on the strobe. There is a pre-flash on both AS&M program (probably P as well) on the camera. As far as I can tell from searching the net, and discussing with friends, ti should be possible. Whatever setting I try, I either get a full dump and over exposed photo, or no flash. What setting should I use, or do I chase something that actually won't work? Using manual mode on the strobe is no problem. Yours, Peter HP
  6. Hello! I am Peter from Sweden. Currently I don't do much diving with small children in the house. I recently bought a Sony RX100-II and a nauticam house to go with it. I use a single S&S 110alfa flash, an I-torch focus light, A subsee +10 lens and a variety of brands for tray, arms, clamps etc. Most of the carrier is ULCS and I-dive. My typical photo object are small stuff, fishes, nature. Peter HP
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