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  1. And a last one ... love that fish 1/250 sec, f/4,0, shot in RAW
  2. Another shot taken during the same dive 1/250 sec, f/4,9, shot in RAW
  3. Taken at Jackson Reef (Tiran/Egypt) Canon S40, WP-DC300 housing, Epoque ES-150 Strobe 1/250 sec, f/4,0, shot in RAW Your comments/critics are apreciated. More pics of my last trip to Sharm El Sheikh on my site
  4. Here is a link to a selection of selections of pictures taken in Egypt These are the shots I like the most ... Next November I'm going again in Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh). I'll try to get some better pics ... great time for sure !!! Please give me your thoughts !!! Thanks http://www.gordhdmn.easynet.be/index6.htm
  5. Moray1 Moray2 This should work !!!
  6. Here are two pictures of a giant moray. I took them at the beginning of a dive on Abu Kafan (Safaga - Egypt) I'm posting these pics because on the way back to the boat the moray decided to leave its hole and came straight to us. I recorded a 30 sec video that you can download here (4mb): Giant moray
  7. Hi Simon, Your pictures are beautiful ... I had the chance to meet dolphins in Egypt (Safaga) and that was a moment of pure emotion.... I'm sad to hear that you flooded your camera. I had the same problem in October 2002 with my S40. It was sent back to Canon and they sent me a new camera and housing 5 months later .. I'd say that you should give a try and keep the faith !!! I had the time to think about what happened during that dive and I have to say that I still don't know what went wrong .. This only thing is that I jumped in the water with it. I did about 25 dives with the new camera and got not problem at all ... and I jumped in the water during some drift dives too .. Once again .. congratz for your pics
  8. Another shot !!! Close-up
  9. Simply a beautiful fish ... one of my favorite Papillon1 Papillon2
  10. Thank you Cybergoldfish ... It's the second time I post a link to my gallery and you took the time to have a look each time. No other replies I'm just a newbie at diving and underwater photography but I'll keep shooting and try to improve ... There is something strange about diving ... kind of addiction :ph34r:
  11. Just back from Egypt ... YES again !!! I took about 500 shots and put a selection online. Comments help a lot ... so please shot !! http://www.gordhdmn.easynet.be/
  12. Hi, The tray I use is from Fish Eye (www.fisheye-jp.com) The pictures you're talking about were taken during the trip I did in February. The set up was the one shown on the pic previously posted but without the fiber-optic cable (reacting on the build-in flash) I just updated my site with a selection of pics taken last week. The strobe was synchronised with the fiber-optic cable and it does change A LOT ... www.gordhdmn.easynet.be
  13. Just back from Egypt. Here is a picture I took with the S40/WP-DC 300 using an external strobe ES-150 synchronised with a fiber-optic cable. I just decoded the RAW file and ... no adjustment. I think it's a good example of what you can expect from the ES-150 (which cost about Eur 200 btw) EXIF infos: File: CRW_4212.CRW File size: 3254KB Image Serial Number: 142-4212 Camera Model: Canon PowerShot S40 Firmware: Firmware Version 1.10 Date/Time: 2003.04.19 09:18:50 Shutter speed: 1/250 sec Aperture: 4,9 Exposure mode: Tv Flash: Built-in Flash EF guide number: 6,94 Metering mode: Evaluative Drive mode: Single frame shooting ISO: 100 Lens: 7,0 to 21,0 mm Focal length: 21,0 mm Subject distance: 0,49 m Macro focus: On AF mode: Single AF Focus point: Image size: 2272 x 1704 Orientation: 1 Image quality: Raw White balance: Flash Saturation: Normal Sharpness: Normal Contrast: High
  14. Hi Simon. Could you post a few shots taken with your new set up ?? I'd really like to see what you get .... I totally agree about RAW ... I'm currently waiting for a fiber optic cable for my set up. I should get it next week. I'm normally going in Egypt in 2 weeks time. RAW + optic cable will be great ... I already know it
  15. Pierre, You pictures are beautiful ... simply amazing colour. I had a look at the one on your site .. WOW. I heard about Marsa Alam again the last time I was in Egypt (February - Safaga). I think that I should be able to go there in April or May. I knew about Marsa Alam before and the direct flight is truly a chance but like you say how long will it stay a good option. I went twice to Safaga and once to Sharm El Sheikh. I don't think that I'll go again to Sharm ... not before a while. I'd like to see something 'different' if you get what I mean. It could be Marsa Alam or the Maldives. But I heard May isn't a good time for the Maldives ..
  16. Hi, I'm also using a ES-150. I don't have a fiber-optic connector. The strobe is just synchronised on the main camera flash (slave) using the off/on selector. I can confirm that there were nothing included in the package explaining how to deal with the GN. I really think that it's more a question of experience and 'feeling' underwater. The more you shoot the more you'll able to judge the distance and adjust the guide number ... Anyway I'd like to get a fiber-optic connector. Treefrogjeff, Did you buy the connector or did you manage to build one ? That connector wasn't available when I bought the strobe. I really wonder if there is online shop selling in Europe ...any clue ?? Thanks
  17. Alto, I didn't use the 'auto levels' at all ... I almost never do ! I prefer to adjust the color with the channel mixer and adjust the curve/saturation after. But you're right about the red. I just decoded the RAW file and adjusted the white balance by 'clicking' one point in the picture as reference. Here is the picture before any adjustment (WB as per shooting). I'm not really happy with this pic but I was just surprised of what's possible to get out of a RAW file. Thanks for your critics ... next trip I'll shoot in Raw and hopefully with a synchronized strobe.
  18. Thanks. I took the pics of the dolphins at Tobia Island (called as well Sandy Island). We did a first dive in the morning and went to that place for the lunch break. We had the luck to see some dolphins coming around. I went back in the water with the mask and camera only and experienced something really unique ... 20 min of pure emotion
  19. I updated my website with a selection of pictures taken in Safaga last week. Please give me your thoughts http://www.gordhdmn.easynet.be/index.htm :ph34r:
  20. You did some awesome shots Heiko. Congratz. I really like the one of the shrimp !! Would it be possible to post the exif infos !? Sharm El Sheik is a wonderful playground
  21. I use a S40 with an external strobe. I shot this pic in RAW and must admit that I nearly deleted it. I looked really blown out but I adjusted the white balance when decoding the file and was really surprised of the skin color. You're right about the crop. I did 11 dives last week but only shot in RAW during the last dive. Next time I'll use the RAW format instead ... adjusting the white balance when decoding gives some impressives results. It's always a matter of memory capacity. Thx for your comments guys.
  22. I took this pic in Tobia Hamra - Safaga (Egypt) Any comment ?! Thx :ph34r:
  23. And ... this one .. I took about 30 pics
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