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  1. I have done a web search for adhesives that are compatible with polycarbonate plastic and it seems that an Araldite 2041 or 2042 might be suitable. Check the compatibility chart at http://www.mfcomposites.com/20002.htm They can also bond to primed stainless steel which the metal base plate is probably made of.
  2. That is certainly the best way to handle it. But when it leaves my hands and is taken by one of the dive boat crew, who knows how it might be handled. I have thought of adding a sign on the strobe or somewhere about where to hold the rig, and not to hold it by the camera. I do not know if that would do any good in the heat of the moment as 10 divers come back aboard. I wish it were a bit more rugged.
  3. I have an Olympus PT020 housing with 5060 camera and an Inon 2000 strobe with ultralight systems arms. On a trip a couple of weeks ago to the Poor Knights Islands in N.Z. the mount for the strobe arm on the bottom of the PT020 housing was damaged somehow (maybe rough handling by the boat crew but I do not know). The strobe attaches via a screw to a metal plate on the bottom of the housing. After it came lose, I found that the design is very poor. The weight of the arm and strobe, when attached to the mounting plate, is taken by 4 small screws that attach to 4 plastic mounts that are molded into the housing. There is no reinforcement of the plastic mounts, and in my case, the load served to crack at least one of the mounts, making the strobe unusable. It seems to me that this is a very weak setup. The section under the mounting plate should have been molded as one solid piece. Even then, the 4 small screws do not seem sufficient to take any load or shock from mishandling. I have thought of wiring the screw mounts back together and then adding epoxy around the 4 mounts to strengthen them, after exploring insurance and other options first. Has anyone had a similar problem and have any bright ideas for a fix?
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