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  1. My point was based off my personal equipment preference which is to simplify. Multiples of the same camera = 1 set of controls, back up lenses that go with all my bodies. Certainly nothing wrong with mixing it up though if that's your preference. The EM1II is a great camera so you should be happy either way. Check out the forum post http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=59458 that Jack Connick wrote recently.
  2. Another albeit more expensive solution is to purchase a 2nd 5DIV so your main camera (bread winner) is always safe and you have back up just in case.
  3. Every camera has it's good and not so good. I like GoPros for alot of things but the footage does require more care - filtration, external lighting. The Sony a6000 series of cameras is really good. Compact, decent specs (particularly with the a6500) If you are comfortable with zone focusing or presetting your focus for a specific distance along with stopping down a bit you should be fine with the 12mm. Another option that I personally like is the Zeiss Touit 12mm which has AF and great image quality. I do not find 28mm wide enough for most WA UW images. Good for some fish portraits etc. tho.... You might consider trying macro too. Your feelings might change one you capture an amazing blenny etc. The Meikon housings seem to be decent though I've never personally shot with one.
  4. Got to handle one at DEMA. Good size grip. Saw a video on their site that looks like you can retrofit a 6/6S to a 7 housing. Interesting product.
  5. LumeCube and Light & Motion Sidekick are a couple that I know of. There's more out there tho.... Not sure how you'd trigger a strobe with a GoPro but the little LED lights are pretty good up close.
  6. Solid Camera and Housing. Would love one on my shelf of treasures. If you haven't already - check this guy out. A legend with the SWC underwater. http://erniebrooks.com/index.html
  7. From this site. I couldn't find a link to Mr Lai's review. The XT-2 is a great camera with an ever expanding line of lenses. https://nauticam.smugmug.com/HousingTests/NA-XT1/i-XnVxcTJ
  8. It might help if you enable your country flag in your profile so people know where you're from. You might get some local responses that way too
  9. Hi, I am Mike Nelson from Samy's Camera! We have lots of equipment in our inventory. Mostly new but also some used. I will be posting about items that are in stock including a few unique pieces that most retailers don't usually keep in stock! I also hope to be a source of information for users with questions about underwater photographic equipment! We are based in California and have 7 locations along the cost of California including, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. If you have any questions feel free to call in so Samy's Hollywood store and ask for Mike Nelson the underwater photographic specialist. Store phone number is: 323-938-2420 You can also email me at: mnelson@samys.com
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