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  1. Lights and Motion Blue Fin Mako Sun Ray mini pods video lights External LCD viewing screen Housing Remote LCD screen Sun Ray min pod video lights spare bulbs (batteries are running 25 min each) Spare o-rings Pelican travel case All in very good condition, very well taken care of $400, willing to part out Pictures to be posted shortly. Thank you
  2. Sea and Sea DX 3000 housing 4 years old Ricoh Caplio RR 30 camera Sea and Sea U/W wide angle conversion 20mm lens Sea and Sea YS-25 Auto strobe w/arm 2 250mb SD cards Pelican case Extra set of O-rings for everything. This set up has been well cared for and has been bullet proof, never flooded or failed in anyway. The Ricoh camera in itself works excellent above the water as well as below. I am up upgrading my equipment so I must let this one go. This is a perfect camera for those just starting out. $450.00 obo Thanks for looking. Coldwaterdude
  3. Cannon EOS Gadget bag for EOS digital cameras, Black. Model 200DG In excellent condition you could not tell the difference between this bag and a brand new one. They sell new at Best Buy for $58.99. $35.00 obo. Paypal accepted. Thanks for looking. Coldwaterdude.
  4. Used UR PRO Cyan filter 52mm CY/OP in excellent condition $25.00. Paypal accepted, thanks for looking. Coldwaterdude
  5. Used 37 mm Cyan UR PRo filter. UR-XX-GL. $20.00 in excellent condition. Paypal accepted, thanks for looking. Coldwaterdude
  6. I love the fact that this housing is so bouyant, it takes some getting used to but I soon figured out that in bewtween shooting I could center the housing on my chest while swimming with my arms folded over it. It is a very comfortabe position and the housing just kinda fits right in there. I was recently doing some Diving in Lake Tahoe where there were lots of kids swiiming around, the kids thought the housing was the coolest thing. While floating at the surface with the lights on it looks like a little R2D2. I will be at Backscatter on Saturday if you want me to ask any questions for you? Coldwaterdude
  7. Gareth- I have taken this housing down to 110', the housing did much better than I did at that depth. The double orings and the lack of penetrations help out a great deal. I never had any leakage using this housing. It is very bouyant so be carefull, if on a deep tech dive you happen to let go (no leash) it will be gone rather quickly. Coldwaterdude
  8. Top Dawg II video housing. Travelers Kit includes. Housing. Two mini 40 watt lights, new batteries and chargers, spare bulb. Standard back. Monitor back. Window port cover Extra orings. Pelican case. UR PRo Cyan filter that fits on the outside of the housing. I have owned this set up for 1.5 years and have used it aout 40 times. It has worked flawlessly for the Sony TRV30-TRV900 and the new HDR HC3 HDV camera. The lack of mechanical controls eleminates penetrations thu the housing lowering the risk of flooding. This housing will work with almost any Sony Mini DV camera that has a "Lanc" control jack and a monitor out jack for the monitor back. Check Top Dawgs website for details. http://www.topdawgvideo.com/products.htm I am asking $1900 obo.Pictures available upon request. Thanks for looking. Coldwaterdude
  9. I have a Top Dawg II ousing with monitor back and Lights. Are you interested?
  10. Sony DCR TRV 900 Mini DV 3 ccd video camera comes with: Original Box Sony owners manual Original remote control Video patch cord PCMCI/floppy adapter for digital stills 4 batteries, 2 are brand new Two chargers w/12 volt car adapter and 120v Sony VCL-1552C 1.5 x Tele photo conversion lens Sony VCL-0752C x0.7 Wide conversion lens Camera is in great condtion, shows some wear here and there but other wise looks and works great. I have recorded 3 60 min tapes and approximately 30 dives with this unit in a Top Dawg housing. Camera was just returned from Mack Camera & Video Service in NJ where it was fully bench tested with no problems found. I have decided to move up to HD. This camera carries an outstanding performance record with professionals and home video users. The 3 CCD systems provides great color and low light performance. Pictures available upon request. Asking $800.00 for the entire package. Email choptopt3@hotmail.com Thanks for looking. Coldwaterdude
  11. You could always take my Top Dawg. LOL, it is definately a tight fit. Nice to see you posting. Coldwaterdude.
  12. Just to bring everyone up to date, I have made some side by side dry shots with the 900 and the TRV30. The issue is still present, I did do the factory reset but the poor quality image is still present. I will be sending the 900 out for service to Mackcam in New Jersey. Anyone ever use them? Who do you usse to service your video equipment? Thanks, Coldwaterdude
  13. Thank you both for your feedback, I will contact the local Sony Service dealer and see if they can help. I will also try some more dry shots outside and see how that compares to the TRV30. Coldwaterdude
  14. Wagsy- I can actually see the ND filter flip on/off while pressing de/pressing the button so it appears to be working. I downloaded my test shot last night and watched it side by side with the footage from the TRV30, the TRV30 has superior quality over the 900. The 900 still looks grainy and the focus is not crisp. Thanks for link, I'll check it out. Coldwaterdude
  15. Wagsy- I cannot say if the ND was on or off at the time I was shooting. Seeing how I am still learning the in's and out's of this camera I would say it was on. I just toggled the ND on/off and I can see the difference from one position to the other. Thanks for asking. Coldwaterdude
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