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  1. nice shots! Most with the 105 it seems, did you add a wet dioptre? greetings!
  2. nice stuff Tim, tnx for the report !
  3. I'm using a lanyard like this one: https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/nauticam-lanyard-snap-clip on the surface, its attached to my 2 strobe arms to carry the rig (and it keeps my strobe arms in place) when im about to exit the water I clamp it to the strobe arms as well, where the boat crew can grab the camera if stuff gets really wild underwater, of I need to assist my buddy or something, I can clamp one of the bolt snaps to my bcd so I can use both hands.
  4. oke now I read it, looks like a very nice place to visit! Awesome
  5. great shots! Have to go to work now, will read the report in the evening, tnx!
  6. Hi Chris, I use 4 large stix floats around my each of second strobe arms, these are in my case, 30 cm long nauticam arms. Around these floats, I strapped 2 elastic bungee loops, pulled pretty tight. When I don't use my inserts, I put them under these tight bungee's, so they lay on top of the floats. This worked nice so far, even in currents. I usually only take 1 or 2 inserts. I wouldn't try this method with all 4 supplied inserts I guess. Another method would be to store them in the pockets on my wet or dry suit, where I store the SMB, but for me storing it on my strobe arm worked nicely so far. One arm has the insert for the big hole's, the other for the small hole's. Never used the other one's so far
  7. If I'm diving with the LSD Snoot, I never take it off. I use Inon Z240 strobe's that require pretty precise positioning of the snoot, due to non central aiming light. Not something I want to do underwater, If I come across a subject that I dont want to snoot, I just use my second strobe, that has no snoot on it. Works for me. Btw the snoot has a little piece of cord on it, where you could attach it with a double ender. Same goes for the inserts that come with it.
  8. looks like you made the very best of a broken strobe trigger. What lighting did you use for the macro shots? Or did you use the lights in wide angle as well? anyway looks nice and hope to go there one day as well!
  9. hey! I use a lowepro photo backpack as carry on myself, a size backpack that is allowed as carry on. depending on my destination and the weight im allowed to take as carry on, it takes: -housing -camera -lenses (3-4 max) -strobe's. As the weight you can transport is usually an issue, I use a sturdy (but lightweight) suitcase for the rest of my clothes etc. It also holds my strobe arms, retra snoot, cable's, ports. I usually wrap my (dome) port in several t-shirts. If weight of carry-on is a big issue, I add strobe's, without battery's to this suitcase as well, also wrapped in clothes. I make sure that these items cant bump into each other. Diving gear is put in a sturdy but lightweight camel bag. Regulators wrapped inside diving suit. Worked for me, its relatively lightweight and never had any issues with damage, although my suitcase looks like its been hit by a bus!
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