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  1. very nice! Will be there in about a week from now, looking forward to see it again.
  2. I used a canon 500D closeup lens in the past. It gave the ability to focus closer, but it comes at a catch. It also makes your camera not focus on object that are a little furhter away / that are bigger. Nowadays I stick to wet diopeters, those have more flexibility. With a flip adapter it is easy to put on underwater, when needed and not loose the option to focus on larger subjects.
  3. Ah tnx! I missed the details the first time I saw the pictures. I see, this lens gives a lot of flexibility, very nice, specially if you are not sure what to expect.
  4. very nice, went through the whole slideshow! brings back good memories, thanks for sharing! Btw: looking through your setup: what lenses did you use underwater for the wide shots? greets Robin
  5. I had this issue with my D800 as well. Swapped to Nikon 8-15 and its gone, plus that lens is alot sharper.
  6. very nice! thanks for sharing! Really like the movie
  7. oke tnx for the feedback Tim, main question remains: were the leopards in the Trees?
  8. although I dont use YS ends myself any more, I got several old Sea and Sea arms here with YS end, the part with the hole is around 11 - 12 mm thick. Used to connect these to inon's Z240 Z joint, like this one: https://www.onderwaterhuis.nl/inon-z-joint
  9. indeed very nice shots! I can imagine pushing a big camera and housing above the water wouldn't be so nice as well!
  10. https://www.retra-uwt.com/collections/shop-for-lsd/products/mounting-module?variant=14941328834602
  11. check this article, last page: https://wetpixel.com/articles/field-review-nikon-d750-and-nauticam-na-d750/P4 a lanyard attached to strobe arms is what a lot of people use. On the second page you see it unclipped when in the water.
  12. hi! this sounds a bit like an issue that has been on the forums before, although I'm not sure. Tim G had some issues with the 8-15 nikon and a kenko TC. Maybe its of use, there is the topic, its somewhere near the middle / end I believe.
  13. very nice shots Phil, makes me want to go in the water and dive soon tnx for sharing!
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