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  1. I put both the plastic cap from my flat port, or the neoprene cap from my dome port, in my pockets from either my dry suit, or if I dive in a wet suit, I use shorts with pockets (scubapro cargo shorts).

    On one side I store the cap, on the other side I store my smb if im at sea. Works great for me. Never store the diffusors though.

    Always put them back on my port before I exit the water / hand over my housing.

  2. I used the white eneloops for a long time, last year I replaced them as several of my white eneloops started to give error's. I do max 2 dive trips a year and some local diving, but I would think they were charged less then 250 times in their lifespan.

    I now use the black eneloops, seems the recharge time is shorter (compared to the white eneloops at the end of their life) and they last longer. They do seem a bit heavier to me though (when grabbing a pack of 4 I noticed, or maybe I should hit the gym more often :crazy:)


  3. Looks like the Seafrog housing is equipped with optical connections for strobes, on top of the housing I see 2 connectors on the website of the manufacturer. You probably going to trigger the strobe's with your in camera flash, when you take a picture, the flash will go off, triggering the strobe(s) that is connected with the optical cable.  Most housings use optical nowadays and some of the modern strobes don't offer sync cord connection any more.

    An article about the pro's and con's of both type of strobes:


    this is what the connecting piece of the optical strobe cord probably will look like:


  4. I used a canon 500D closeup lens in the past. It gave the ability to focus closer, but it comes at a catch. It also makes your camera not focus on object that are a little furhter away / that are bigger. 

    Nowadays I stick to wet diopeters, those have more flexibility. With a flip adapter it is easy to put on underwater, when needed and not loose the option to focus on larger subjects.


  5. Hi Tim,

    ye, managing expectations is in place. Maybe add your thoughts on this place when you have been there. Like I said, hope the other side of Zanzibar is at least a little better.

    have a nice trip, pretty sure the national parks are nice!

  6. Hi Tim,

    Although I havent dived on Mnemba atoll, I have been to Zanzibar in March this year. We stayed in the stone town area, and made 4 dives with One Ocean.

    I hate to say, but for me, Zanzibar was, by far, the worst place I have dived in tropical conditions. Most of the reefs were lacking fish, on some reefs we even saw large fishing nets placed, to catch the last few remaining fish there. Coral growth was poor, covered in sand mostly.

    Wish I could say something different about diving there, and I hope Mnemba atoll is at least a bit better.

    greetings Robin


  7. I'm using a lanyard like this one:




    on the surface, its attached to my 2 strobe arms to carry the rig (and it keeps my strobe arms in place)

    when im about to exit the water I clamp it to the strobe arms as well, where the boat crew can grab the camera

    if stuff gets really wild underwater, of I need to assist my buddy or something, I can clamp one of the bolt snaps to my bcd so I can use both hands.

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