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  1. Uhm, is that 13.000 pound??? EEK! how did u end up there? let me guess: the trick u now use is buying your mother in law her own ticket instead of box her up and check her in?? just kidding, greetzz Robin
  2. Hey Tristan, dont know where u are heading in Egypt, when I was in Wadi Lahami (pretty far south) in 2006 there were alot of birds around the mangroves there. Had some nice encounters with fisheagles. Was happy that I had my 300 with me. http://www.gaviiformes.nl/public_html/medi...s=60&sort=0 Perhaps u have could bring your 400 2.8 have a good time, greetzz Robin
  3. Hey Tim, havent used this lens below the waves yet, gonna try it next week in the Red Sea. Even had to dial in an exposure comp of -1 with the tokina in order to get the same shutter / apperture combination of the Nikon. for those interested: nikon: http://www.gaviiformes.nl/public_html/medi...=107&sort=0 tokina: http://www.gaviiformes.nl/public_html/medi...=108&sort=0 U can also see the small difference in color and width All shot with a D300 greetzz Robin
  4. Hello Nige, We are in the same boat, although I allready ordered myself a 18 mm subal extension ring. Came along this tread from some time ago: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...5&hl=tokina Udo had some nice results without an extension, If I read it before I would have tried my recent bought tokina without an extension first. off topic: Funny thing is I tested the tokina vs the nikon 10.5 topside on a decent tripod, my thoughts are that the tokina at 10mm isnt as wide as the nikon 10.5 (its just a little, but u would think it would be the other way around). I also found out I needed to dial in an exposure correction of about -0.66 to get the same exposure as the nikon (shutter / apperture combination after the exposure correction of -0.66 were the same as the nikon without exposure compensation). okey, good luck, greetzz Robin
  5. Hey Folks, I have done some research in focus lights, want to get a new one. My main critisism of the one i use at this moment is its not adjustable, its too weak for searching and sometimes too powerfull for not spooking the critters. just ran into this new light I Guess, some folks here allready used / seen this one? see that the subtronic site is upgraded, havent found the english language button yet http://www.subtronic.de/kategorie1/5303059...820d/index.html happy to hear if someone allready used this, it comes with a nasty price greetings, Robin
  6. Hey Karsten, some folks have modified housings for the nikon F4, to fit in a D100. Here's a link to a site that shows one of these housings modified: http://www.hleijnse.nl/gereedschap/gereedschap.htm its in Dutch, but I guess some translation will work Guess u can pick up these F4 housings pretty cheap. greetings, Robin
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