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  1. Hey Folks, I have done some research in focus lights, want to get a new one. My main critisism of the one i use at this moment is its not adjustable, its too weak for searching and sometimes too powerfull for not spooking the critters. just ran into this new light I Guess, some folks here allready used / seen this one? see that the subtronic site is upgraded, havent found the english language button yet http://www.subtronic.de/kategorie1/5303059...820d/index.html happy to hear if someone allready used this, it comes with a nasty price greetings, Robin
  2. Hey Karsten, some folks have modified housings for the nikon F4, to fit in a D100. Here's a link to a site that shows one of these housings modified: http://www.hleijnse.nl/gereedschap/gereedschap.htm its in Dutch, but I guess some translation will work Guess u can pick up these F4 housings pretty cheap. greetings, Robin
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