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  1. You're showing the Zoom Gear for 12-24, not for 16-35... Quite sure it doesn't pair with objective
  2. I have an almost new N100 Flatport 35. You can use either Sony 28 f2 and Sony 35 f1.8. And with both the WWL-1 if you have it. Please PM if interested. Eric
  3. Hi windwaternwaves is your NAUTICAM A9 still available? I am a serious potential buyer. Eric
  4. I do. Nauticam NA-A7III with or without nauticam vacuum valve. 18 months old. Never flooded. 1st owner. Comes with the N-100 to N-120 35.5 adaptor. Shipping world wide from Switzerland. Photo on request at Eric (at) colorsoftheblue (dot) com
  5. BS Kinetic Sony Alpha 850 DSLR Macro Set Perfect Full Frame 24 Mp Macro Set (DSLR and Housing) Before the launch of Mirror less cameras, the Sony A850 was considered one of the best full frame DSLR. Still today its AF and dynamic range is amazing, thanks to its 24 MP FF sensor. I am selling a housing set (housing, port, strobe) to fit this amazing camera. Included : - BS Kinetic for Sony A-850 DSLR with Straight Viewfinder never flooded and in perfect condition - Adaptor for Nauticam Viewfinder (45° or 180°) - Macro port for Sony/Minolta 100 mm f/2.8 Macro or Sigma 105 mm f2.8 Macro - Subtronic SF3000 (Gamma) NG20 in Seacam housing. Batteries perfect (160 strobes at full power and less than 2' recycling time, and 90' pilot lamp minimum) - arms and clamps - Pelican Case 1510 Shipping worldwide. Asking 500€ for the full set. The camera is easy to find on ebay for less than 300€
  6. Hi Matt Still for sale? I ma based in Switzerland. New is today 700£ (900$). 3rd Hand, blemish (dust is free you said) : Reasonable offer 300£ ? Eric
  7. PayPal is always an option that gives you some safety. However, there are some costs. The discussion is always who pays those costs : the buyer or the seller. I personnaly prefer bank transfer. Eric
  8. No answer... Shall I understand you are no more interested in selling your equipment? Eric
  9. Hi Which viewfinder is installed? How many dives? FYI, the same listed equipment bought new on backscatter.com would be around 5'300$ (i.e. a brand new NA-A7RIII is 2'990 when you sell yours 2'850...) So you are quite expensive for a "used" equipment. Any reason?
  10. Phil And what about the new Tamron lenses with 1:2 ratio such as Tamron 20mm f/2.8 Di III Osd.
  11. Phil Thanks a lot for your insight. I already have the lens you mentioned, the Rokinon 14 f/2.8 which works very well with my Sony A7rIII and behind the 230mm Dome. I also have the WWL1 (used with the 28mm). Also a 15mm Fish-Eye (Sigma) But i was attracted by this 15mm not for the wide angle (as said above, i am fully all set) but for the Macro aspect. None of the above mentioned lenses are even capable of 1:5 or 1:6 aspect ratio, at the minimal focus distance. I wanted to come back to the very old days of the Nikonos WACF... Of course not something for every dive, but to do the same as with this frog. Eric
  12. A topic was started 5 years ago, but no one really brought answers. Phil Rudin mentioned he wanted to try one but not seen anything. I am talking about the Laowa 15mm f/4.0 Wide Angle Macro which can provide 1:1 Macro capabilties with an angle of view of 110°. Sounds amazing for wide angle macro. https://www.venuslens.net/product/laowa-15mm-f/ BUT, manual focus and manual aperture. This can be worked with gears 3D printing notz a proble, But which dome? Also 1:1 Macro comes at 12cm focus distance... Not that room for lighting. Subject might stick on the glass of the domeport Does someone has any experience? Eric
  13. For sale excellent condition wet diopter Aquako Super Macro Lens IV 2.5X There is an adaptor from m52 to m67 included 95$/90€ +10$/10€ shipping Worldwide
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