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  1. To me it comes down to a question of usability and efficiency. Allowing sellers to edit their active posts and to delete inactive posts (or at least mark them as SOLD) would greatly improve the buyers' ability to find items they might want to purchase. To me, having streamlined topics/posts far outweighs any value in maintaining an unedited history of all buy/sell posts. (Especially with U/W photo gear which tends to depreciate rather rapidly.) However, I don't control WetPixel and those that do get to make the rules. The administrators of the site have been quite adamant and unequivocal that they are against editing of existing posts in the WetPixel forums.
  2. I have no arms for sale at this time. I have an old ULCS pivot tray for a Nikonos V, but I am assuming that is not what you were looking for.
  3. I am selling two ULCS AC-H handles with ball. (Note length difference: 6.125 inch & 6.75 inch). Asking $25 each, or $40 for both. Buyer pays actual shipping cost from Northern California. PM me if interested. Michael
  4. Mounts top-center on housing to provide focus light attachment point. Asking $15 for both. Excellent condition. Buyer pays actual shipping cost from Northern California. PM me if interested. Michael
  5. Currently auctioning off package on ebay. See the listing here: http://r.ebay.com/DOYHvF
  6. Another update regarding the port types.... I have been in touch with Subal and I have it on good authority that ALL OF THE PORTS AND EXTENSION RINGS ARE TYPE 3. The only complication is the DP-FE2 dome port. It is definitely a Type 3 port, but it is an earlier version that presents some compatibility issues with some later Type 3 housings. If you are using an extension ring, then the DP-FE2 works on all Type 3 housings. Otherwise it can work with modification. (I am trying to learn the precise nature of the modification, but at the moment I do not know. Again, I will report back if/when I am able to learn more about the mod.) For what it is worth, Subal's Type 2 ports are a completely different animal. They are used on the smaller housings, such as Olympus EX1, Panasonic GH4 and Sony Alpha 7. But an adapter exists that makes the Type 3 ports/extensions that I'm selling compatible with Type 2 housings. I hope this clears up any confusion, including any I've created!
  7. Hi Pete, The EXR-33 and EXR-20 extension rings are still available. But because I've had a couple of inquiries regarding the entire housing package, I am going to hold off on breaking up the kit for the time being. Depending on the outcome of those inquiries, I will be in touch regarding the extension rings. Regards, Michael
  8. Excellent question. I'm in Northern California, USA. I have updated my profile to reflect this fact.
  9. I need to correct what I wrote above. At least some of the ports/extensions are type 3 according to the original product packaging. See below for details. Needless to say, each part in this housing kit works together with the other parts. I have contacted Subal asking for an explanation of how Type 2 and Type 3 ports/extensions differ. I will report my findings when I get them. Subal DP-FE2 Glass Dome Port - TYPE 2 OR 3 (not sure yet) Subal Custom Focus Port for Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro - TYPE 2 OR 3 (not sure yet) Subal FP-90 Flat Port - TYPE 3 Subal EXR-60 Extension Ring - TYPE 3 Subal EXR-33 Extension Ring - TYPE 3 Subal EXR-20 Extension Ring - TYPE 3
  10. Just to clarify: perhaps I should not have written "thread" (above) as the term is somewhat ambiguous. When I wrote "thread" what I meant was "topic". That is: one must scroll through a given topic to suss out the status of items included in the topic's original post. I definitely agree that Wetpixel's search function is valuable, if not essential. Yet, it is not without its limitations. The following search returns over 200 results most of which are not germane: "Canon 5D", "housing" match ALL words, in Titles only in Classifieds forum only
  11. Hi Adam, I can see your point about thread coherence. But I *do* think it is irksome to have to click into a whole bunch of threads, and perhaps scroll through a bunch of posts only to find out the item of interest (or perhaps all the items) have been sold. Furthermore, I would be willing to wager that many prospective buyers tend to ignore older posts, assuming that FS means that items *were* for sale at some point in the past, but probably aren't any longer. Come to think of it, I guess I don't quite see the value of keeping old Classified posts visible at all once the items have been sold. If they are preserved, one can get an idea of the historical price trends of U/W photo gear, but it comes that the expense of a more streamlined marketplace for equipment currently being offered. Thanks for listening. Michael
  12. Yes, they are type 2. I know that type 4 ports have a larger diameter, but I don't know how type 2 and type 3 ports differ.
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