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  1. Yes, the DB-08 is still available, as are the 2 DB-05's.
  2. Steve, I understand where you are coming from, but having to click into a "For Sale" thread, scroll through and read all the related posts, only to find that this items are no longer for sale can be time consuming -- especially if one is browsing many For Sale listings. At a minimum, I would love to see a way to update the post title to indicate that referenced items are no longer for sale. Fred Miranda (fredmiranda.com) handles this functionality very elegantly in their Buy & Sell forum. Thanks for listening, Michael
  3. Hi All, Is it possible to edit an existing post? Say I start a new topic with 5 items for sale. If 3 items sell, can I update the original post to indicate the fact that only two are left? And when all of the items have sold, can I update the post's tile from "FS:..." to "SOLD:..."? If there is a way to do this, I overlooked it. If not, I think allowing such a thing would make the Classified forums much more useful/efficient. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael PS See what I mean? I have a typo in the title and now I can't find a way to fix it. :-(
  4. Buoyancy arms and 2 of the 5" arms are SOLD. Here's what's left: 5" Double Ball Arm segment, DB-05, (quantity 2), $25 each 8" Double Ball Arm segment, DB-08, (quantity 1), $25 Also, I forgot to mention in my original post that prices assume buyer pays actual shipping costs. I am in California.
  5. Hi world.explorer and Tim, I'm in the USA. Right now the 2 of the DB-05's and both of the DB-B08's arms are "sale pending".
  6. I am selling some spare ULCS strobe arms. Used, but in very good condition. 5" Double Ball Arm segment, DB-05, (quantity 4), $25 each 8" Double Ball Arm segment, DB-08, (quantity 1), $25 8” Double Ball Buoyancy Arm, DB-B08, (quantity 2), $30 each PM me if interested. Michael
  7. I have moved up to a housed Canon 5D III system so I am selling my previous system. All parts of this housing package are compatible with Subal's Type 2/3 port system. Everything has been very well cared for and has never been flooded. I would prefer to sell the entire setup in one package. Asking $1650 for everything listed below. Canon 5D full frame camera body is also for sale upon request. Please feel free to PM with any questions. Michael Pollack www.untamedimages.com Subal CD5 Housing with GS 180 Viewfinder - No dings or scratches on housing. Optics on viewfinder in pristine condition, some fading on black finish. Subal DP-FE2 Glass Dome Port - Excellent condition. A couple of very slight surface scratches on glass that are very hard to detect. Zero impact on image quality. Subal EXR-60 Extension Ring - Near mint condition. Subal Zoom Gear for Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L - Near mint condition. Reef Photo Neoprene Dome Port Cover Subal Custom Focus Port for Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro w/ focus gear - Glass is perfect. Overall condition excellent. Subal FP-90 Flat Port - Glass is perfect. Overall excellent condition. Subal EXR-33 Extension Ring - Mint condition Subal EXR-20 Extension Ring - Mint condition ULCS BA-TG Base Adapters - Excellent condition ULCS BA-TP T-Groove Plate - Excellent condition Spare o-ring for port and housing included.
  8. Could you explain your comment above? I am intrigued by it, but do not understand the trade-offs and/or implications of shooting longer lenses behind a dome.
  9. Jim, I think you nailed it. Thank you very much. After reviewing the pictures on nudipixel, I am struck by the wide range of color variation in this species.
  10. Looking for species' latin name. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Michael Pollack www.untamedimages.com
  11. I am selling my NiteRider Blackwater 3000 light in great working condition. It includes the following: Battery pack with continuously-variable dimmer option Dual light-head currently configured with one 10° 12-watt bulb behind a red-filtered lens one 17° 20-watt bulb behind a frosted white lens Wet-connect detachable cable between battery and light head Dedicated battery charger Slider-mount bracket and Ultralight Control Systems ball adapter Mounting bracket with hand and head straps Spare 10° 12-watt and 17° 20-watt bulbs (1 of each) Two clear glass lenses Asking $175 for everything. Please email or PM if interested. Additional photos upon request. Michael www.untamedimages.com
  12. For Sale: A used MacroMate wet diopter for Sea & Sea custom macro port. This is the original style MacroMate by Backscatter, not the flip-up kind. This item is in excellent condition and I am only selling because I have switched U/W housing systems to Subal. Sells new for $499. I'm asking $325 for mine. See Backscatter's product listing for more details. Contact me by PM if interested. Thanks for looking, Michael Pollack www.untamedimages.com
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