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  1. I have a Fuji S2 body that I purchased new in '02 and an Aquatica S2 housing, purchased slightly used in '04, here on Wetpixel. I have used the housing for 8 years, but it has also been well maintained and thoroughly rinsed after each dive. Most of it's action has been from live-aboards with excellent camera facitilties. I recently changed the o-rings and just completed 22 dives with camera and housing, last week. It includes a 8" dome port, a flat port, and extensions and gears for 12-24 DX, and 105 f/2.8. It also has a moisture alarm. The housing comes with a Pelican 1610 roller case. I have a 2nd S2 body that I will throw in, that needs some work because the auto focus is not working properly. Could be a simple fix, or could be used for spare parts. $2200 shipped CONUS I will also consider selling my 12-24 DX and my 60 mm f/2.8
  2. Parity = Mediocrity. If a restaurant, bar, or other service industry business paid all the employees the same, there would be no incintive to excel. These businesses usually have higher turnover rates so long term reward systems are not as effective. Tipping is a way to self regulate and allow businesses to operate at a lower cost because ultimately the customer pays. I would rather pay a lower cost for the product or service and control the reward based on my experience.
  3. I can't speak for the Tokina 10-17 with the 6" dome, but when I had my Ikelite housing for my S2, the 6" dome was undesirable for the 12-24 DX lens. The recommended +4 diopter made it worse. At the time they didn't have an 8" dome, and I ended up changing housings. My guess is you will be much happier with the 8" dome.
  4. This was at Long Caye Wall at LHR. We were in the water at 6 AM. The rest of the photos.
  5. I'm sure they are trying to prevent people from reproducing and selling them on Ebay. Their security settings only allow "content extraction for accessibility". I'm not sure what that means because it would not allow me to extract a page(s). Did you download it? I did and by using the bookmarks tab, it navigates easily. I prefer to have the guide in a file myself.
  6. I have used the Ikelite and now the Aquatica. Both are reliable and relatively inexpensive and have good service support. Parts are readily available in the US. For starters, I would get the 12-24 lens you spoke of and the 60mm macro. You may find that is all you need or you can expand from there. Both the dome and flat ports can be used for a lot of different lenses with port extensions. Lense gears allow you to operate manual focus and/or zoom functions. I think you are on the right path about not paying big bucks since the D300 has already been released. You may find a good deal on a used D200 setup in the near future. Sounds like a great job. You will get more use out of whatever you buy than most of us.
  7. I was just joking but I am interested in the D300.
  8. I have been around for a while, just haven't been active lately. I am starting to get the itch to replace my S2. I am really impressed with the D300 and because of my Nikon glass, seems to be the logical replacement. My fist housing was the 1st generation Ikelite. The two things I didn't like were the lack of controls and the 6" dome that was available. I loved the clear polycarb and the price of course. How is the 8" dome performing with lenses like the 10 or 12-24? Also, the enhanced viewfinder was not available for the Aquatica S2, which I am still using. I assume many people are using one with later models. If so, I would like to know how you feel about it.
  9. I would like to put my name on the list for your D300 setup when the D400 comes out. LOL
  10. We stayed at Buddy's last Christmas. It was full to capacity but they managed to handle the crowds pretty well for the most part. The dive boats were full and you had to sign up quickly or risk having to go out at a different time. The shore diving is what it is all about, not because it is better but because you are on your own schedule. You can dive as much and for as long as you want. I found the house reef to be enjoyable and productive. We never experienced any problem getting in at breakfast but the onsite restaurant required reservations, as did every restaurant in town, for that time of the year. I highly recommend Capricio. It is one of our very favorite restaurants, anywhere. They have an incredible wine list if you are into that. There are a lot of very good restaurants in Bonaire.
  11. I used SLR's for many years (since 70's) above water and Nikonos for underwater. I made the commitment to house an SLR by purchasing a N90 and several lenses. I changed my mind when the S2 and D100 came out and made the switch to a DSLR. I was among the first to house the S2 in an Ikelite (2002), the only available housing at the time. On the 1st dive of the 1st dive trip, I knew this was what I was looking for. Although there have been some tremendous photos taken with them, a P&S was never really an option for me. I am still using the S2 with an Aquatica. I loved the Ikelite but it was the 1st generation without the improved back and didn't allow access to some very important functions. I also didn't like the 6" dome that was the only thing available at the time. If they had the improved back and the 8" dome, I probably would still be using it. The D300 is looking pretty sweet. I may make the switch in the next year or so. Or I may wait until the D400 comes out and buy somebody's D300 rig.
  12. If that's a requirement, you are right. The area around the eyepiece is just a little larger than the eyepiece itself. Not much chance of re-tooling for a discontinued model.
  13. Will the S2's be upgradable as well? That's my only complaint with my Aquatica housing, which I would like to stick with for a few years to come.
  14. I had an old photo trekker AW in the attic. It's probably a I, not a II. I am able to fit housing, dome, flat, gears, and a few misc. items. It is much more flexible than the roller 2. No way for 2nd body but I think I can live with that. Thanks for jarring my memory. It goes back to my Nikonos days. I swore off anything not on wheels a few years back but circumstances dictate a little lugging now.
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