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  1. So looks like the nauticam balls fit on top of the handle's attatchment, where you screw it in on top of the grips?
  2. Great, now Im paranoid about my two flexitray rigs. AWESOME!
  3. Does anyone shoot with a Nauticam NA-A6000 housing? If so, do you like where the shutter release button ? Is it easy to press, to get to using a tray like the flexitray, etc? The Sea and Sea housing for the Sony A-6000 has a trigger style release. I was wondering what the pros and cons were.
  4. Awesome site, thanks for the link. I think Im going to do it myself.
  5. Sorry, move to the mirrorless camera/housing section......
  6. For sale: Sea and Sea MDX-6000 housing, flat port, dome port with neoprene cover, Sea and Sea hand grip. All equipment NEW, in box, never touched the water. $2200.00 includes shipping in the US. Noting wrong with equipment, just want something different. Thanks.....
  7. And not to mention the poor manatees who are harassed by these uncaring, selfish people.
  8. In a way I can see the new restrictions. We have to preserve these springs somehow. Yes, restrictions are not fair sometimes, but sometimes they are a must to keep stupid, uncaring people out so they will not trash a beautiful piece of nature. And you know they will.
  9. I eventually want to do a photo count and chronicle of Florida's freshwater springs. I want to travel around Florida. dive/snorkel as many springs as I can, and photograp/.document them, above and below. We need to spread the word, and protect these jems of nature, before its to late.
  10. Anyone photograph/study various freshwater aquatic plants? I find them fascinating along with the fauna. How do feel about invasive species?
  11. Anyone shoot the Sony A-6000 with the Sea and Sea MDX-6000 housing? If so, do you like it, not like it?
  12. Hello, Im Brannon from Madison, MS. I have been shooting UW stills for a few years now. Just got a GOPRO to try my hand at video. I dive mostly freshwater, lakes, springs, etc. I spend most my time in a spring fed lake near me, and also in the beautiful Florida springs.
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