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  1. That vacuum seal setup worked like a charm on the last couple of dives!!! I didn't turn the dome port on the correct way. But I had pumped it up. Still turned orange underwater. Did all my dive and swims - and when I unassembled my system I found to my horror the dome port was NOT CLICKED in. I paint markings on the dome port and housing and follow that - but I made an error. If it wasn't for the vacuum seal the port would likely have popped out. Pumping it also requires a certain technique. The housing has to be flat on a stable surface. I did mine on an angle and I bent the pump - now it has problems pumping out the air.
  2. We did the pressure test in the workshop (40m) and it was OK. But field testing here in the Maldives produced some issues. After one dive when I brought it back to the ship the sensor went silent and I found some water on the focus gears. But not enough to activate the moisture alarm. I suspect I may have self-sabotaged myself by spraying the buttons with WD40 sometime ago. Anyhow the good news is that after 2 weeks here in the Maldives - it seems OK.. I changed the O-ring seals. That seemed to help. Also changed the battery too. One of the UWH buttons - the SET button was sticking. It'd push in but wouldn't come back up - so I used the aquatica lube to grease it from the inside. Pressing it a few times seemed to cause the some oily residue (old WD40?) to leak back out. Button works like new. I pressed all the buttons in drink water after each dive. It seems OK now. Orange light does come on underwater but it changes back to green when I come back up. It stays green until I open it up again.
  3. The battery is OK. But now I'm getting a weird problem. When I install everything and pump it - the AQUATICA SENSOR light goes from GREEN to RED not orange as before. Then it goes to Green. This is baffling.
  4. I have a CANON 5DMk3 in the Aquatica Housing. It comes with Aquatica Vacuum/moisture sensor kit. No problems at 0 - 5m, the green light will stay on permanently - for days - until I use the pump to let out the vaccum. I have a problem because it turns orange when I descend to 10m and below. When I ascend it will eventually turn back to green. I'm not sure what's going on. Should I be concerned? I had the battery checked out and its OK.
  5. Hi I have the Aquatica housing for the 5D Mk3 with the Aquatica vacuum leak sensor. I'm having some problems with it - the light turns orange when I descend to 10m. If I remain at 5m there is no problem and the light stays green - even when I keep it unopened for 2 + days. But once I descend pass 10m the light blinks orange. The vacuum still remains intact. There is no water leak. Should I be worried?
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