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  1. I just fixed my Cable the other night. It had broken right at the plug. First I trimmed the ends to make sure none of the plastic coating would block the cable. Then I used black Heat-shrink tubing and cut 3 pieces of different lengths and slid them over the long part of the cable, starting with the shortest and ending with the longest as it is the first to be used. I took the longest piece and fit it over the plug end (in your case one of the wire ends), then used a small lighter to shrink the tubing to the plug. I then inserted the other end of the cable int he tubing until the two ends touched. I used the lighter to shrink the tubing onto the cable. Now that they were attached I tested them with the strobes to make sure everything was aligned correctly. Once happy I slide the next shortest piece of the heat-shrink tubing over the area of the break and secured it by shrinking. I then repeated the process with the last piece. These extra pieces were just to reinforce the broken area, as it was at the plug and thus an area where flexing can occur. Took it on a Dive yesterday and it works great. I hope your fix works for you.
  2. RobertJ

    Is it safe?

    There is always a risk, but so is Ebay. I've now made 2 high-ticket purchases from members here, even though I do not post much and have only been a member for a little over a year. Research what you want and what is being sold to ensure they are the same thing, and I personally only deal through paypal for their buyer protection. Check word of mouth from other members about sellers. You should be able to tell pretty early if you ask questions and they don't answer them, when in doubt ask for a specific picture of the item to ensure it is actually in their possession (i.e. with a current paper or handwritten note with date). Ask them as many questions as you need to make yourself feel more at ease. Only do what you feel comfortable with, but people on this site for the most part a very nice and easy to deal with.
  3. Hi All, I'm Rob from Canada. I've been taking underwater photo for about 78 years, finally upgrading to a DSLR this fall/winter. I'm looking for to learn as much as I can from this community. Rob
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