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  1. Hello I sell a Nikonos RS with the 50mm macro lens, overhauled by Photo Denfert (Paris). You can see the picture on my website. Pictures on my site
  2. Yes It's very safe. I visit each year: Dahab, Sharm el sheikh, Hurghada, Safaga, Quseir and Marsa Alam in the south. And the best dives: Sharm El Sheikh. Ras Mohamed, Tiran, ...
  3. Hello Just a link on a new gallery on the website of underwaterphotographie.com Hurghada, Egypt. Perhaps the last picture with Nikonos RS! I sell it. Hurghada, RED Sea , Egypt The next camera? digital with 24*36... sensor! Good surf
  4. A cruise of Gan to Malé in the Maldives with the boat "SOLEIL" Small and Big: Magic instant! swim with the Whale Shark ... the last day ( and not the last time!) Pictures with Nikonos RS and 50mm, perhaphs for the last time! I floaded my Nikonos V with the wide angle 15mm at the first dive without reason! I search a housing with inside a digital camera! Why not a D100 to see immediatly my pictures after each dive! http://www.underwaterphotographie.com
  5. An other image with the same film, the same day Sure the result is a little "hot" in color
  6. Hello Christian Thank for the work on the picture. It's not a night dive but a little cloudy. I use two SB105. Probably it's also the colors of the environment!
  7. Hello Christian No: I never change the color with photshop. It's the natural colors of the fish and also the environment. I put the complete picture of the same fish Pierre
  8. Mediterranean Sea, Port Cros with Nikonos RS and 50mm with two flashs SB105 and film Fuji Velvia And also for the other: http://www.underwaterphotographie.com
  9. The Best film : FUJI VELVIA 50asa with the Best lens wide angle 15mm Nikonos!!!
  10. The Deep Blue, the Sun under the sea, .... New galleries Good Surf and Good Dive Pierre Courty My Webpage
  11. Hello I received a question from Australia: "do you know of any reports or studies or references to UW Photography in turbid waters? I am researching this for the Australian Roads and Traffic Authority Bridge section who is interested in finding out if any new technologies have been developed in Underwater photography in turbid waters for their bridge inspections." If you know a study or technical answer Thank you My Webpage
  12. Where is the head? A beautifull couple! The Nice ... RED! Sharm El Sheik Egypte Nikonos RS with 50mm and two SB105, Fuji Velvia 50asa My Webpage
  13. Nikonos RS and 50mm, film Velvia My Webpage
  14. A little lucky with the spirographe in macro Nikonos RS with 50mm and two flashs SB105 I had the time to take 6 pictures at different angles My Webpage
  15. Like the Sun under the sea Nikonos RS, 50mm and two flashs SB105, film Velvia My Webpage
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