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  1. I am selling a ready-to-shoot Nauticam Macro-Setup for MFT-Systems. The Macro Zoom port and gear is in very good condition, as is the Olympus 12-50mm EZ Macro Zoom lens, which is included in this package with the Gear readily installed. This setup new is 850 EUR for the port/gear plus appr. 250 for the lens. I am asking for 650 EUR for both. Free shipping within the EU.
  2. Very nice. We did the Banda See crossing in 2016 and despite some very rough waters at times it was one of the best trips ever. I only got the hammerheads from the distance, so you were quite lucky! The water can be quite murky around Serua....
  3. Hi Val, thanks for your kind comment und spending so much time watching my videos :-) The Antartica video was pretty much straight from the camera just the usual minor tweaking of exposure, saturation etc.here and there. On some of the midnight sun clips I applied some noise reduction. Its actually not HDR/HLG as I did not trust my skills here. It is my well trusted and tested CINE profile in Rec.709. Not sure anymore whether CINE1 or CINE4 but they are pretty close anyway. I was also happy that I could operate the camera easily with the top handle and big gloves. Some of my photographers colleagues froze their fingers off on their cams... Burkhard
  4. Would be great if it would be that easy. Unfortunatly it isnt. I had done just that, invest in an expensive BM card, hook it to a TV etc. Here it start: No standard commercial TV is properly calibrated to really use it to judge proper HDR grading. What looks good/correct on that particular TV may look horrible if you play the final clip back on another TV. Its pure guesswork unless you invest in a proper HDR grading monitor. And these are still very expensive. Also the latest Macs are by far not HDR capable. They call it „extended color range“ which is a marketing gimmick for a bit wider range than 709. But its certainly not „proper“ HDR. And unless you use a RED or other big tool for your underwater filming, your HDR stuff is likely to look much worse than anything you can get in ole Rec.709 I have yet to see a HDR clip produced on a GH5, Sony HDR capable consumer camera or similar that convices me that these cams can produce good looking Rec2020 clips underwater.
  5. Hi Laval, my channel name is the same as the user-ID here, so when you search in youtube for it, you'll find it ;-) But I have only published some overland stuff (Antartica, Patagonia) shot on the Z90. I have quite a bit of underwater footage done on it in the Maldives - unfortunately I've not had the time to publish anything. Just played around here with grading to see whether its any good. And I am mostly very pleased with it. ON HLG, I disagreee with Juan - I had some exchange on this with him. I like a lot of stuff he's done but I am not convinced of his HLG stuff. HLG works absolutely fine overland. But as soon as you need the slightest corrections - and thats almost always the case for underwater stuff - the picture is falling apart very quickly. The codec is just too thin: Wider color gamut, 8 bits - good for WYSIWYG, not for grading. And HLG was actually never designed for grading in the first place. Even with the GH5, which does 10 bit, i have not been able to produce any really good looking output with HLG underwater. And I know of nobody else who has. Custom profile: I need to look them up and post separately. Nothing major. I remember I changed the Black levels and scaled down sharpness in 4k mode. I get back on that. Burkhard
  6. Nice. i was soing a couple of dives at Lord Howe a few years back. We didnt get sharks, though
  7. Very nice. I use a very similar setup these days, just using the Sony Z90 camera, which is almost identical to yours. I fully agree with your comments re. advantages of a dedicated video housing / camera. After I sold my Sony AX100 I used the GH5 and never really warmed up to it. Nice camera nonetheless. On ND Filters: I have used them underwater. When you are shallow on a sunny day, it can get very bright. Also on muck dives I sometimes by purpose use the lights on a higher level than needed and then put ND Step 1 on. This gives often a richer color spectrum. On color profiles: I use my own profiles based on the Cine1/Cine4 Profiles. Other profiles work as well. Just NEVER use HLG underwater. Looks pretty ugly. But I do use it overland.
  8. Certainly sounds interesting and innovative. No word about battery life. Next to internal SSD, Pawel should make sure there is space for a battery pack inside the housing. I’d assume the small size of the camera does not allow for much battery life.
  9. Thats in a lake right? I dont think this will be stable enough with current.
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