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  1. Nice. i was soing a couple of dives at Lord Howe a few years back. We didnt get sharks, though
  2. Very nice. I use a very similar setup these days, just using the Sony Z90 camera, which is almost identical to yours. I fully agree with your comments re. advantages of a dedicated video housing / camera. After I sold my Sony AX100 I used the GH5 and never really warmed up to it. Nice camera nonetheless. On ND Filters: I have used them underwater. When you are shallow on a sunny day, it can get very bright. Also on muck dives I sometimes by purpose use the lights on a higher level than needed and then put ND Step 1 on. This gives often a richer color spectrum. On color profiles: I use my own profiles based on the Cine1/Cine4 Profiles. Other profiles work as well. Just NEVER use HLG underwater. Looks pretty ugly. But I do use it overland.
  3. Certainly sounds interesting and innovative. No word about battery life. Next to internal SSD, Pawel should make sure there is space for a battery pack inside the housing. I’d assume the small size of the camera does not allow for much battery life.
  4. Thats in a lake right? I dont think this will be stable enough with current.
  5. I am selling my Focus and Zoom Gear for the LUMIX 8-18mm WA lens. Both in spotless condition, only used during a handful of dives. With original packaging. New Price for both EUR 465,-- My Price: EUR 350,-- Includes free shipping within the EU.
  6. I am selling my Focus and Zoom Gear for the LUMIX 12-35mm lens. Both in spotless condition with original packaging. New Price for both EUR 420,-- My Price: EUR 300,-- Includes free shipping within the EU.
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