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  1. Update... Getting Ikelite housing, DS161 strobes and decided on the 12-50mm lens instead of the 60mm...appreciate any pointers.
  2. Thanks Richard...appreciate the input. I've yet to purchase housing...so will consider your advice. Anxious to get it in the water...
  3. Greetings, New to forum...getting started with a new camera, GH4! Pretty excited! Any users have experience with underwater setting suggestions starting out? I'm just getting acclimated to camera itself. Planning on Pan 7-14 Lens and Oly 60mm lens...debating between nauticam and ikelite housing. I've done lots of searching on suggestions for video and still settings...all mostly above water info. Thanks for any suggestions. Really appreciate reading all about underwater photography and videos...dive shop owner has been and continues to be a big help also. Cheers.
  4. WetPhotos


    Thanks, helpful info. Lack of knowledge about makes and models can become overwhelming when trying to read differences between them all...site is certainly helpful as I continue browsing posts.
  5. WetPhotos


    Is this mirrorless camera worth the investment? I'm thinking of growing from basic underwater camera to the 'big league' and need direction on some models. Only know what I read, so looking for feedback...thanks.
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