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  1. Oceanics are dangerous! There was a recent fatality in the Red Sea. http://www.digidiver.net/news/environment/...-a-shark-attack
  2. Hi Christian Yes that's the new Nikon 10-24. I like it. I don't think edge sharpness is an issue. Lighting, composition, camera settings and how you approach marine life (i.e. your own skills) make much more of a difference. I've used the 12-24 and the 10.5 also. The 12-24 in my opinion has been superceded by the 10-24 because it lets you get that much closer. The 10-24 focusses slightly closer also (about 25 cm I think) and is exactly the same size, except it's not internal focussing so the length changes slightly with different focal lengths. It also has slight less distortion than a fisheye like the 10.5 which you can use for different effects. So for me it's replaced my 12-24. Marcus
  3. Hi Jeff. No I didn't use a diopter. It focusses closer than the 12-24 in air; 24cm vs 30cm. Yeah there is some barrel distortion but less than for the 10.5. Nothing that can't be corrected by software. Personally I think that the advantages of reducing the water column far outweigh the distortion.
  4. Jeff, thanks for bringing up the subject of lens choices. I split my time between the 10.5mm and 10-24mm and haven't really paid attention to the differences yet. I just bought the 10-24 before the trip and hadn't used it much yet. Looking back at the images I posted and therefore liked, I was surprised that 5 out of the 6 were taken with the 10-24mm (at 10mm). Only the 5th image was taken with the 10.5mm. Thus I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of the 10-24mm DX lens.
  5. Thanks Alex, that's what the Oceanics are most of the time..in your face! Or the back of your head if you're not looking. And thanks for giving the game away! I didn't realize you were in it twice. Yes, that's a composite shot. I didn't have a good over and under in the same shot so I merged two photos together as I showed you on the boat.
  6. Nice pics guys. My first time with Oceanics and their boldness makes for good photographic opportunities! Here are some more pics. Marcus.
  7. Hi Alex, Looking forward to meeting you. Will be coming on the trip. I just got a 10-24mm which fits the zoom and focus gear for my 12-24mm (Seacam), for which I am eternally grateful. Got a polecam custom-made by Scubacam (Singapore) to try out too. Marcus
  8. Not important. You can get similar and excellent results with a pair of 8 inch arms on both sides. The 12 and 16 inch ones will be too long and unwieldy.
  9. Hi all, Nice pics. Here's my favourite one of 2008, taken at Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida in Bali, Indonesia. It was mola mola season and this one was at a cleaning station at nearly 30m or 100 ft depth. It was being cleaned by yellow butterfly fish and Moorish idols and was so comfortable it let me almost make love to it for over 20 mins, until I ran out of space on my 2Gb card! Normally they are skittish. Took shots from every angle imaginable up to an inch away from it but this one turned out best. It was taken in landscape format but I cropped it. My only regret was not having my diffusers on on this particular dive so the light is a bit harsh. Merry Xmas! Marcus
  10. Hi, Will be going to Bali, Indonesia to see mola molas. What is the best lens to use? I was considering 10.5mm or 12-24mm. Thanks.
  11. Seacam housing for Nikon D70 for sale with Viewfinder Optic Pro * Immaculate condition, only used for about 50 dives * No scratches on body * A few scratches on handles as expected * With Viewfinder Optic Pro * Comes with original box, handles * Original Seacam accessories: Seacam oil, silicone, 3 Allen keys, 2 O-rings, miscellaneous small replacement parts * 2 free Ikelite mounts for top of housing to mount strobe arms Item is in Singapore and weighs not more than 3kg. Can arrange collection or will post anywhere. Fedex or DHL preferred for security/safety. Approximate cost for this to the USA will be about US$100. You can find approximate cost by going to the Fedex or DHL websites. Item is listed on ebay for 7 days as of today: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=220171436384
  12. Malaysia and Indonesia: Sipadan, Lembeh Straits.
  13. I just got back from Galapagos. No strong currents. Shot with 2 strobes. No problem. If I were you, bring 3 in case 1 packs up! You won't be able to light up a whale shark from the front with 1 strobe. Also you will have sealions zooming by you. You won't have time to aim your strobe. Here are some examples.
  14. W1. Harmony Donsol Bay, Philippines Nikon D200, 10.5mm Snorkelling with the whale sharks is easy at Donsol Bay W2. Curiosity Galapagos, Ecuador Nikon D200, 10.5mm, Ikelite DS125 The sealion came to check me out at 20 metres W3 Paparazzi Galapagos, Ecuador Nikon D200, 10.5mm Whale sharks are plentiful at Darwin's Arch
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