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  1. Yes Eric, still worth it in Feb. I have had great dives there in Jan.
  2. You will definitely see green and hawksbill turtles and whitetips. You will see probably see grey reefs, jack, barracuda and bumphead schools. You will be lucky if you see mantas. You will be very lucky if you see hammerheads. You will be ****ing lucky to see whale sharks.
  3. As mentioned, Sipadan rainy season is Nov - mar, when it can be wet and windy, but can be dived all year round. April - Oct is best, and is not the monsoon season, although it can still rain, which was Herb's misfortune..
  4. Hi Tim This is macro heaven. Terrain is quite featureless with black sand. You will find your 60mm the most useful. Maybe try a dioptre. strongly consider getting a 105mm too. Can be a bit cold for this part of the world sometimes..down to 24 or 25 degrees. 3mm should sufficient though, with maybe hood or vest. There is also a wreck which I haven't been to, but with yourlimited time I'd concentrate on the world class macro stuff you see here that you don't elsewhere!
  5. Hi Serge Sounds like you are new to the game. If you don't care about white balance maybe you shouldn't be buying the high-definition camera, the HC1. You should consider something cheaper and more basic, not HD, and you can buy a cheaper housing for it without white balance! Read through all the other threads, there is a lot of information around, and do your own research on the internet.
  6. I also have a copy and have no problems with the print quality..
  7. Wow, bit more than I was looking for!!! I'll try available light shooting with filter first. Then add an HID if necessary. Cheers.
  8. Hi Mathieu, Thanks. This has already been cropped a little bit to make it more aesthetically pleasing...rule of thirds etc... I did not want to crop out anymore of the divers because I wanted to portray 'diving' as an activity where the snake is not the highlight. Besides, it's too small on the picture!! Will try the custom curves later... Ciao
  9. Forgot to add that you can stay at Kungkungan Bay Resort at Lembeh where you will ONLY do muck diving in the famous black sand areas. Bunaken (wall diving) is over an hour away or more just by car and half and hour by boat after that, so most people who stay on land only either do Bunaken side (mostly wall dives) or Lembeh side (macro) because of the logistics. Going on a liveonboard means you will get to do wall dives at other sites (Bunaken and further out towards Bangka), as well as the weird and wonderful stuff at Lembeh.
  10. Hi there, Bunaken/Bangka should be about 28/29 deg C so a 3 mm will be fine. Lembeh Straits is the only cold place, it can drop to about 24 deg sometimes...so your combo should be enough there too.. Don't need to really get a 5 mm. Depends how much body fat you have too
  11. Hi Matt! Are you Mathieu? I met you at Celebrate the Sea at Suntec City this year remember? Was asking you about the Seacam housing, well, I got it! Yeah I shot this in RAW so the colour isn't a problem to fix. The snake came really quickly and I could only take one shot of it and this was it! It was actually quite close but on the 12mm lens it doesn't seem that close. Very soon the snake was already behind me... PS. Michael also sold me a copy of the book you co-authored with him...
  12. Hi all, Here's a shot taken with Nikkor 12-24mm/D70/Seacam/Dual DS125 in Manado, Indonesia. Banded seasnakes are quite common here. Would appreciate your constructive comments, thanks.
  13. Thanks guys, for all the helpful comments. I agree, I had difficulty trying to decide whether this should be a portrait orientation or not, because the diver is at right angles. As Mike says, it would be better if the diver was more at a 30 degree angle so the composition is less rigid and more dynamic. It never occurred to me!
  14. Hi all I'm a novice when it comes to underwater video and plan to go underwater with my new Sony HDR HC1 in Ikelite housing next month. Which underwater lights should I buy? Thanks.
  15. Amphibico have confirmed they have not been able to crack the WB via LANC, so I am getting the Ikelite one which accesses it via touch screen. Gates also does this mechanically but costs about 3 times as much..I'll let you know how it gets on!
  16. Nice pics and demonstration of the macromate. I have been and still am considering between getting a macromate or an external wet dioptre for my system....hmm decisions decisions..
  17. Hi all, Any tips from you experienced shooters for shooting with the 10.5mm lens? I get barrel distortion at the edges. See shot below. The image after was corrected using the distort/spherize function in Photoshop CS2. How 'ethical' is this sort of post-processing for submission to competitions?
  18. Is that $3-400 just for the camera? I suggest a second hand Canon S60 or S70 with 6 and 7 megapixels. Should be more than enough for 8 x 10 prints. Bear in mind you'll have to pay maybe another couple of hundred for the housing. Once you get more experienced you get buy Inon adapter kits for it with external lenses and strobes, and that will set you back another maybe $1500. The strobes and fisheye lenses are the expensive things, not the camera!
  19. Hi all, I have been frustrated with the close working distance of the 60mm when shooting small stuff and am thinking of getting a 105mm. Has anyone got any experience of this on a D70? I've heard that the autofocus can be a tad slow with this setup, compared to say a D2x or D200 rig, which I have no plans to upgrade to in the near future because I do not have any more spare kidneys to sell! Thanks.
  20. In my desperate search for a housing for the Sony HDR HC1 I just bought, I discovered that the Amphibico Dive Evo Buddy for the HC1, both limited edition and non limited edition, will not be able to access manual WB via the LANC as the engineers have not been able to crack it, and Sony are not reprogramming the HC1. So there doesn't seem to be a housing available which can access the manual WB via the touch screen, except the Ikelite. Anyone know how this works and how reliable it is? And will it really provide access to manual WB?
  21. Hi Alex Can you tell me what housing Mr Rowlands was using? I just bought an HDR-HC1 and have yet to find a housing available on the market that can access the manual white balance via LANC, since there is no user-programmable mechanical button that can be used, like for the A1. Thanks.
  22. Hi all, Does anyone know if a dioptre is needed to improve close focus shots using Nikkor 12-24mm lens behind a Seacam 9 inch superdome port? Or is the dome large enough? Thanks.
  23. You can thank Jason Heller. He recommended it to the audience at one of his talks at the Celebrate the Sea Underwater Photography festival in Singapore earlier this year.
  24. Hi Eddie If you're interested, check out the price from contact@oceanicfocus.com where I have got stuff before for cheaper than other places. Mention my name and you may get a discount! Marcus
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