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  1. Hi all, Taken at Manta Parade in Sangalaki in July with Canon S45, Inon Fisheye lens, dual Inon D180 strobes. Comments please, thanks. ML
  2. Hi Eddie I have the UCL 165Ad Inon macro lens you describe and I recommend it. I used it with my Canon S45, same as your 4 megapixel Olympus C4000Z and have taken many good macro shots. Here's one of a blue-spotted stingray's eye. Thanks. Marcus
  3. Thanks Matt, The pics I tried to upload were about 140k, but when I reduced them to less than 100k, it worked! ML
  4. Hi, I am a new member and am having difficulty uploading posts with attachments in the forum. Any advice?
  5. Sorry I can't upload the pic, maybe it's the proxy server at work but I'll check it out..
  6. Hi Eddie I dive in Dayang too sometimes, being based in Singapore. BTW here is an example of a cuttlefish shot I took with an upwards angle. Note that the absence of a cluttered background makes the cuttlefish stand out more. Taken with Canon S45 camera/housing, Inon Fisheye lens, dual Inon D180 strobes. F8.0, probably 1/100.
  7. Hi ET Nice shot but the background view of the coral makes it cluttered and distracting. Next time try shooting upwards too against the water to get a clean background, or 'negative space'. Or you can use as small an aperture as possible to make the background as dark as possible.
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