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  1. For sale - like new condition



    Aquatica 8" Dome Port for All Aquatica Bayonet Style Housing # 18405

    Aquatica 8" Dome Shade for Fisheye Lenses #18480

    Stix float – FB-AQ


    Aquatica 18690 Zoom Gear for Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED in Lens Port on Underwater


    Aquatica 48690 Zoom Gear for Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED in Lens Port on Underwater


    Aquatica 18696 Zoom Gear for Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G DX ED & 12-24mm f/4G DX ED in Lens Port on Underwater Housing


    Aquatica 18457 Port Extension Ring for Aquatica Bayonet Style Housings


    Aquatica 18453 Port Extension


    Aquatica 18682 Focus Selector Gear for Nikon 60mm f/2.8 AF Lens


    Aquatica 18426 Macro Port (Glass) for All Aquatica Bayonet Style Housing


    8” Ultra Light Double Ball x4

    $35 each

    Ikelite Dual Sync Cord: 2 Ikelite SubStrobes to Nikonos Non-TTL Bulkhead



  2. Nikonos SB-105 (used) $135 each

    1 with AD-103 ULCS strobe adapter and diffuse

    1 with TLC Strobe adapter and diffuser


    Nikonos SB-105 (used) $125


    Nikonos sync cord for SB-105 (used) $75 each


    Nikonos Battery Tray/Holder (new in box) $10


    ULCS Double ball arm segments - DB-08 Medium Length (used once) $40 each


    ULCS AC-CFS New Style Clamps (new) $20 each


    Dovetail Shoe Plate (used with SS screws) $5 each


    Woody’s Diopter 110mm port front diameter - an additional 20% image size (used) $50


    Ansmann Photo Cam 4 battery charger AA or AAA 120V (used) $35


    StiX Jumbo Float kit for TLC Arms (new – I order the wrong P/N) $25


    Aquatica flip tray (Was for a Nikonos 5 - missing tray) $20


    Sekonic Underwater Light Meter – Make offer



    All prices are negotiable (obo) plus shipping & PayPal fees.





  3. I am not sure if this is a banding issue or improper aiming of the strobes. I have a Nikon D220 with 60 micro in an Aquatica Housing with dual Nikon 105 strobes. I have had the chance to use this on two trips. Both times I have encountered a problem that I think mite be a banding issue. I get a dark thick straight line at the top, bottom or both of the picture. This area is not totally black. I have found that if I change the strobes aim the problem goes away. Has anybody seen this problem? I’m in the process of sending a picture to Nikon for evaluation.

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