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  1. I have a BA fully transferable travel voucher that expires September 30, 2023. 570 Euros, yours for $300 I’m not traveling to the continent until early ‘24 I don’t have a huge history on Wetpixel. Please check me out on Scubaboard (Johnn) or Ebay (Johnn(2002) ) no scammers, please
  2. On my Canon EF 100mm, there is a switch that sets the minimum focusing distance at either 0.31 m or 0.48 m. Why would I ever want it set to the 0.48m position. For macro isn't closer always better?
  3. I've recently changed from a compact to a full-frame DSLR. I've traveled with it on planes twice now and would love to find a better packing system This is an Ikelite DSLR case, two DS160 strobes, strobe arms, 8" dome, 4.5" flat port, camera body and the usual collection of lenses. I've put some of the bits into my checked luggage, some into a carry-on and the final pieces into my backpack. I've been looking at a Pelican (or Pelican like cases) and something large enough to hold everything is going to weigh 20 lbs 'empty', so my hopes of keeping everything under 50 lbs doesn't seem likely. What do you folks do, just pay for overweight luggage?
  4. Too late for me, the amount of the scam wasn’t excessive (about $270), just my pride was really damaged Thanks Adam, I’m going to be much more careful with Venmo
  5. Not much to add to the title here. I'm looking for a 5508.45 Ikelite port. Many thanks!
  6. Thanks very much (again). I've resigned myself to purchasing another 100mm macro lens, this time the USM IS variant. I don't know if my existing port will be too long, to allow the camera to focus with the diopter. In the meantime, the non-USM macro lens works, I just wanted chocolate sprinkles on top of my ice-cream.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I've checked with Mike @ Ikelite, and he believes my 'bench test' is valid. Just for fun, I tried screwing a +4 and a +10 diopter to the front of the lens and with those in place, the camera would focus with the +4 but not with the +10 Strange indeed. I'm positive I'm not the only person trying to use a flip diopter with a Canon macro lens
  8. I'd like to use a flip diopter with my Canon 100mm macro lens, but am having no luck getting it to focus. (Canon 6D + Ikelite housings & extension) This the "old" EF 100mm macro (not the USM variant), and the diopter is an wet-lens INON UCL-165-M67. I've successfully used the diopter in a compact camera setup My first attempts underwater with the lens in an Ikelite housing were unsuccessful. I've since removed the camera/lens and put them on a table, focused on a near object and then tried moving the diopter. closer/nearer to the lens. All without any success. I've tried the equivalent with my compact camera and it has no problem focusing out of the water with the same diopter. If I 'upgrade' to the newer USM variant of the 100mm macro lens, will I have better luck?
  9. If you have a Batteries+Bulbs in your area, they will spot weld the battery tabs for a very reasonable cost (and sell you the batteries also)
  10. Like they say. . . "That's your problem right there Vern" Many thanks for your help. I've been beating my head against this for too long. RTFM is something I too often overlook
  11. Thank you and Barnaglot for your replies. Clearly I need remedial help I'm using the Ikelite 8" dome and stock extension. The 50mm lens has a 1.5 foot minimum focusing distance Can you please expand on the virtual image? Im moving from a compact with wet lenses and never had to deal with this stuff Thanks again
  12. So I can't get my new-to-me 6D to focus lock reliably. The configuration:Ikelite with 4-Lock port and dome2x Ikelite strobes1 Focus light50 mm lensThe camera has no problem out of the housing with achieving a focus lock (green LED is solid), but underwater, I can get maybe 1 out of 4-5 shots.I'm in Raja Ampat, with very good visibility, so there should be sufficient ambient light. With and without the focus light turned on, I have the problemCould this be a firmware problem on the camera? There are < 8K clicks on the body so I believe it is "like new"Any suggestions are most welcome
  13. Thanks. The lens is dedicated to UW use, so I'll remove the filter.
  14. I purchased a new-to-me Tamron 17-35 mm lens (Canon EF mount). It came with a Kenko Pro1D filter (https://www.amazon.com/Kenko-Protector-Digital-Mullti-Coated-Camera-Filters/dp/B000PJ588U) Is this a desirable thing to keep on the lens ?
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