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  1. I purchased a new-to-me Tamron 17-35 mm lens (Canon EF mount). It came with a Kenko Pro1D filter (https://www.amazon.com/Kenko-Protector-Digital-Mullti-Coated-Camera-Filters/dp/B000PJ588U) Is this a desirable thing to keep on the lens ?
  2. A new-to-,me Canon 6D and Ikelite housing. The Ikelite housing is very nicely setup for backfocus, should I set the camera's Autofocus to OneShot or AI Focus?
  3. Well, almost free. You pay postage. ($6 in the US) This is the vacuum port and pump from AOI in a nifty case. I bought this as part of their leak detection system, and my housing (Ikelite) doesn't do metric Everything is unused.
  4. I purchased a non-USM version of the Canon EF 100mm Macro lens, and am having a very difficult time finding any manual for it. Can some kind soul, please give me a pointer?
  5. I'm in search of ports and port extensions for an Ikelite four-lock case. Please message me with what you have
  6. I'm considering moving from a compact (Canon G16) to a DSLR setup. I believe I have a line on a housing for a Canon 6d (full frame), but am very confused on what lenses to choose. I'd like to do this on a budget (hence the Canon 6d). I've been told that something in the 15-30mm for wide angle, 60mm for fishes and 105mm for macro. Within this, apparently a 60mm with a diopter can work for macro. Given this, could something like a 35-80mm zoom handle the mid range and macro (with a diopter)? What are the negatives with trying to use one lens to bridge my mid-range and macro wishes?
  7. I acquired an 'extra' WD-4 dome lens, only to discover that the aluminum housing is out-of-round and cannot be mounted on an Ikelite housing. Does anyone have any magic to restore its 'roundness'
  8. Used but in very good condition. No signs of corrosion on pins, cable is without nicks or worn spots $50 Shipped to US
  9. I acquired this through an auction and have no use for it. The housing appears to be in very good condition with no scrapes or scratches, I assume the TTL still works and it comes with a nice (and heavy) base. Free, you pay shipping
  10. I don't believe so, the moisture sensor starts a very annoying beeping in addition to the red LED flashing.
  11. Thanks. I've reached out to AOI (without a great deal of optimism) for their comments on what I'm seeing. When the housing goes from warm to cold and the pressure warning light activates, I've checked the pressure on the housing and cannot see a difference between where I left it originally and the current pressure. I'm suspecting that the pressure sensor is not temperature compensated and is giving me the faulty results For the time being, what I have is much better than nothing (which is what I had before) Thanks again for your input.
  12. I pull it down by 5-6 psi. Less and it won't start the calibration sequence, more and it complains and won't start the calibration sequence. No temperature compensation mentioned in the specs Is this a common behavior for these things?
  13. I've recently added an AOI pressure/moisture detector to my Ikelite housing and find that it is very sensitive to temperature changes. Setting up in a warm room and then putting the camera outside or jumping into cold water (50 oF) will trigger a loss-of-pressure alarm. Short of letting the housing acclimate, is there anything else that can be done?
  14. This is a uwleakdetector.com in excellent condition. Full details here: http://www.uwleakdetector.com/ $20 shipped to US
  15. Unused AOI vacuum pump and M16 bulkhead fitting. All in a nifty zippered carrying case. This will fit any camera housing with a M16 bulkhead port. I purchased the set to get the wet/vacuum sensor and my camera housing (Ikelite) uses US spec fittings (sorry can't upload an image) Message me and I'll send you a picture. $100 shipped to US
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