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  1. Hello there , I'm a 57 year old 270lb strong and fat guy who scuba dives and free dives ( 20 meters , not so deep by local standards ) and swims laps and im a pretty strong guy living in PH . We have a big wave here an hour flight away that is a reef break and my friend broke his back on that reef . Cloud 9 , surrounded by other breaks . I am Florida Panhandle or Kuta Beach type body boarder . My guess is that I could try getting behind the wave when it is larger or to stay out of the surf when it is larger and I guess my question is that can a guy be careful , is not getting pushed into the reef inevitable or is it avoidable . I won't know until i get out there . Another option is to work with the 70-200 and keep some distance. My objective is to simply have fun in the water , my idea is though I can't surf I can physically get into the wave . Kuta on Bali is also an option for me ( us ) , I like that place and it is a sand break with the season now approaching there and waning here. In any case glad to find this forum , my current gear is the D500 , Aquatech Housing , and Tokina 10 -17 fisheye ( no 70 - 200 0 with respective port ) There is a guy in Plato's Republic who says that a brave man is a man who has the knowledge of the things he should be afraid of and of the things he should not worry about. I guess i'm not sure if I should worry about getting cut up by a reef , if it is avoidable , or if it is simply the price one pays when getting into a reef break thinking out loud , cheers
  2. feed back from a guy Hi John, Both the CMC-1 and SMC are diopters, so in general, they would both work with compacts and DSLR's alike. However, the CMC-1 was specifically optimized and tested with compact and MIL cameras, whereas the SMC was specifically designed for the 105mm and 100mm lenses (Nikon and Canon respectively), on both cropped and FF sensors. I recommend trying out your D500 with 105mm + CMC-1 and see if you're happy with the results. If you are, no need to upgrade. I will actually be testing the same combination myself in a couple of weeks in Cozumel - D500 + 105mm + CMC-1. I'll let you know how it goes! Best Regards, Ran Mor
  3. Its working now , I found a BKT button and also did a factory reset ( but shifting to empty B in Photo Shooting and empty B in Customs Settings did not work not sure but CH , is back on and thank you very very , so great to find folks who know and share graciously and generously wish i could repay Got me a Aquatica Surf Housing and want the CH for that big wave in Sirgao if I dare to get in it
  4. Dear Great Hammerhead I don't know what you call the horizontal line with a zero in the middle that I use for manuel exposure insights but on the far right side of that bar I find the letters BKT and always getting 3 clicks when in CH mode I'm now thinking it must be for Bracketing or I'm going to search for where this setting might be , good find Hammerhead , its got to be that Well , where is Bracketing Sequence please ? under E for Bracketing Flash , i have no asterisk showing E5 modeling flash ON E 6 Flash/speed or 1rst option with 3 little icons ( flash, plus sign , clock sign E7 N icon in a box
  5. I've also come to the conclusion that shooting one thing at a time is a preferable approach. And i upgraded from the Sony RX 11 to the Nikon D500 . Can't seem to find a buyer for my one year old compact system . What I would like to know is if I can expect the Nauticam CMC-1 to work on the D500 with a 105mm lens . It fits just fine but is designed for compact / mirrorless as opposed to the Nauticam Super Macro Lens which is described as a wet macro lens for full framed cameras. I know that i can try and see what happens but I'm also curious as to what to expect and wanting to hear that the results will be negligible , in any case learning to capture focus on this lens is a challenge and keeps it all fun , I like it , around Cebu is where i'm located thanks for any feed back
  6. Hello Mr. Diven Golf or to any one who may have a clue I just got my D500 set up in the Nauticam housing and also set up for Back Button Focus ( just migrated from a Compact) . This is besides the point however and my issue is when i put the camera in the high speed mode it will only click three "shots" and then stops . Before I could get constant "shutter release" , clicking and i feel i have messed with the settings to the extent i've "messed something up". The Three Shot part in High Speed mode is consistent in and out of the housing and with a 50 or a 105 lens I could reset them all but what i tried instead was to go to Shooting and Custom Menu B , wouldn't this be the same as a reset . I've tried it in release mode only rather than focus and release or release and focus with no luck Is there some menu item where i should check . Any ideas or places to inquire , thanks john
  7. I dive locally here out of Cebu PH and recently went on a "boat expedition " in the Solomon Islands . Gosh , the leader guy , well i liked him a great deal and the sites were so much fun , i met two "girls " on the trip who I go on with so very well. What impressed me however was what poor divers were on this boat. These guys were all over the reef breaking stuffand also all over you jumping in front of you or my impression was they would go to any length to "get the shot " I'm thinking that the guys who are able to dive a few times a year on the boats are freaky or at best rude . In any case , I won't do it again but just a thought and just my particular one time experience
  8. hello fellas I've just migrated to the Nikon D 500 with a Nauticam Housing from a Sony RX 100 on a Recsea , just got it put together, i live in Cebu City PH. I am under the impression that Nauticam CMC-1 is only for compact and mirrorless cameras . Will this work , may I use it with the new package, i've a 105 mm micro lens and gonna try but not sure what to expect. Can't find a buyer for the compact rig and wondering if i have to sacrifice this lens/diopter as well to re-sell , the recommended one is Nauti Super Macro Converter from what I gather . thanks john
  9. Hello Alain , I think I would but I would on lower the price by 100 bucks as I feel i have it priced well now
  10. P.S. I don't have a box for anything and i keep jumping in the water with the cloth that goes over the wide angle , stuffing it in my pocket and having it float away , so i rubber band it with a towel . I would ask my helpers here to pack it up good with bubble wrap if I had to ship it . I recieved this camera in March or April of 2016 to replace a TG3 and now have the DSLR with no housing , it hurts and I'm hard on equipment but this housing was a big improvement for me over the Olympus and I won't let it sit on the shelf not being used or the price is good for that reason (IMO) , cheers John
  11. upgrading I first used this system in July 2016 and it has about 30 dives with a couple of minor scuffs on the back of both the housing panel camera lcd , not noticeable when turned on , but other than that is in excellent shape. I'll post some photos shortly This transaction would work best inside the PH . I will however make my way to the USA in the late spring sometime and could also request an DHL/FED Ex quote for shipping located in Cebu City $900 dollars or Philippine Peso equivalent for reference here is who we are Sony RX11 Recsea Housing UWL-04 Fisheye Ultra Light tray and handles 2 batteries , one charger , external camera case https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/19653124 photos available
  12. I also took these with the video lights , when i look at the photos of my friend , i think they are lacking and well , glad to learn that i'm not alone in attempting to understand the answer to the question. The math that was posted above seems to answer the question and this is stuff that i get . Also my dive mates reply to the question " Are my lights disturbing you ? " They reply " a little " in a polite a way as possible depending
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