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  1. Hi I spent the days frrom 9. oct. to 19 oct. this year on board the Don Questo on a route to "deep" south from port Sudan. This turned out to be an excellent diving trip on little dived dive sites. First impression was that this was an old boat, actually an trawler from Englan, my lasting impression is that this is one off th to best liveaboard I have been on besides the Ocean Hunter III at Palau The Don Questo is run by captain Lorenzo from Italy, he has been running this boat from 1998 in Port Sudan and has and good knowledge about the divesites. Down to business, diving. Water temperatur from 32 to 34 C all the trip, a little to warm for most sharks. the rest was a nice colorful, photofriendly diving. Offcourse a div on the wreck off S/S Umbria is mandatory in Sudan, as well on the site off Cousteau's Conself II station on the Reef Sha'ab Rumi. From here in it's all about reef diving down against the Eritrean border and back again. With some Hammerheads, some Silky Sharks, alot of dolphins around the boat. and millions of colorfull fishes.
  2. Hi My name is Jørgen Neegård, from Trondheim, Norway. After counting 2k dives in mostly norwegian waters , but also around the world. I still like to go New places, discovering new photo sites. I have finally joined wetpixel after manye years of Reading usefull stuff. I started underwater photography with and Nikonos 5 camera back in 1996, and have worket my way trough some cameras. This year I upgraded to a d810.
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