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  1. Just the original, Haven't bought any wetlenses yet, not sure of what I want first, wide angle or a macro/diopter or a second flash and focus light Sent fra min SM-G965F via Tapatalk
  2. Have just a few on my phone, transferd trough the wifi on cam. This is straight out of camera So the raw convert is not the best. Can see later when I get on a better connection that I have some that is not compromised that much. Sent fra min SM-G965F via Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I have just bought a new setup after flooding the first. I did go for the canon g7x mk ii and a nauticam housing. Did also bought a sea and sea ys-03, a fully ttl flash, whit no option for manual mode. Did end up around 2000 Eur that with the flexitray and vacuum valve for the housing. The plan is to use the ds 03 as a secondary flash, when i can afford to buy an ys-D2. I had the g7x mk I first and therefore ended up with mk ii. Very happy with the setup, but I've kind of a newbie in the uw photo Best regard Sent fra min SM-G965F via Tapatalk
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