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  1. Ike, your my hero ! Have been looking at Seacam for a house that supports all functions. But i need a wallet that supports all functions to, to buy that piece of alu. So my money is now on IKE ! Harald van Buel
  2. Can Ikelite tell us when this new back for the S2 will be available ? I am so waiting for this !!!!!!! Harald van Buel
  4. Camex answerd my request for a price on a complete system for the S2 with the announcement that they will have a price list available in 2 weeks Guess I will have to wait a little longer before I know if I have to sell a kidney and a lung, or just a kidney. I will let you guys know what they will charge me for...... Harald van Buel (Excuse my English)
  5. My attempt to be clear failed The price contains a type, its not 2000,- Euro. ITS 2090,- Euro. So 90 Euro's more. (damn small keys on my notebook) Harald van Buel
  6. Just to be clear : The S2 house was offerd to me by a Seacam representative for 2000,- EURO. This offer does NOT include a viewfinder. This offer does NOT include a front port. I have send an e-mail to seacam to give me a quote on a compleet system. (house, viewfinder, port, etc) Cant wait to get a reply. Harald van Buel
  7. My last post has a good URL in it ! www.seacamusa.com Has some nice pictures of the house and a good story on Seacam. Harald van Buel
  8. Found on there site : STEVEN FRINK PHOTOGRAPHIC P.O.Box 2720 Key Largo, Florida 33037 Tel. 305-451-3737 Fax. 305-451-5147 frinkphoto@aol.com www.seacamusa.com At your service ! Harald van Buel
  9. Hi buddy's, I have been to the 'BOOT' fair today in Germany, and talked to some UW housing manufacturers about the S2. Here are some quote's : Sealux : 'sorry, we feel that there is not enough demand for such a house' Bruder : 'We dont have that kind of house, but we can modify a D100 house' UK-Germany : 'We dont have a house for the S2, but we will make you one and charge you the D100 house price for it' (it used to be the D100 house price plus 500 Euro !) Subal : 'Sorry, due to lack of demand we will not produce this house' Ikelite : (please tell me you could not find them either, or I will kick myself) Aquatica : (please tell me you could not find them either, or I will kick myself) Hugyot : (please tell me you could not find them either, or I will kick myself) And for the good news : Seacam : 'Yes sir, we expect to have the house ready in April !' Seacam showed me there F100 house and assured me the S2 house would be similar. Let me tell you this house looks absolutly magnificent. Go have a look at www.seacam.com Ofcourse the S2 house is not on there, nor is the D100 but others are and they all look similar, just great. I will give you a list of controls that will NOT be available from the outside 1. The lens release button 2. The metering select ring. (spot, matrix, centerweighted) 3. DOF check button ALL OTHER BUTTONS ARE BEING TRANSFERD TO THE OUTSIDE ! (yes the AE-LOCK to) Price for the house 2090,- Euro including local tax, excluding PORT. Typical port price : Dome 300 Euro, Flat 200 Euro. You will also need/want to buy some gears, because ZOOM AND FOCUS control is available. Nice option to this house is a 45 degree angled viewfinder that gives you a 1:1 view of the image in your camera viewfinder. It has a Prisma and lots of glass lenses inside to make this happen. Unfortunatly no price available. So next to Ikelite there might be a second house available in April. Its about 40% more expensive, but at least it look like its worth every penny, and you get virtualy full control over your camera. My mind is made up, cant wait for spring. Harald van Buel (Does anyone have Seacam experience ?)
  10. If you do this, dont forget that you will have to acknowledge every picture taken that you want to keep by pressing the OK button ! If you accidently take a second picture or even press the shutter release halfway, the first picture that was on your LCD will not be stored on your card, its lost forever ! I have lost some picture's this way Harald van Buel
  11. I inquired at Ikelite about the new revision house for the S2, i want full control you know this is the e-mail I received, mixed news it is. Thank you for the inquiry. Ikelite hopes to introduce a new version housing for the S2 Pro in possibly March. Specifications for this new version housing are not yet finalized but we hope to offer full control of the S2 camera. The price may be 60% higher than the current model offered. Regards, Duane / Ikelite So its comming, but will be expensive ! Harald van Buel
  12. Well, they seem to like limbs to ! Read the story and see more pics on My Webpage Harald
  13. So Scorpio Fish, would you prefer the 105 over th 60 under water ? And how does Jamesw feel about this ? I am unable to choose between the 2, and your input would be apreciated. Before my S2 I owned a CP990 and the macro shots are great, but i alway's felt I had to move in to close to get the shot. Maybe its best to go with the 105 mm Macro ? Harald van Buel
  14. Imagine this : Diving with your buddy, just 2 of you in the water. Something grabs you from behind and drags you a full meter bij your fin ! You know its not a fellow diver, it has to be something else. Turn around and see this : Complete story with more images on My Webpage Harald van Buel
  15. I had a 990 with a Hartenberger flash, worked like a charm on TTL in Macro. Did good on wider angle's, except for in pool shots and sandy pathces because of reflection. True TTL though ! Harald van Buel
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