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  1. I have the X-E2 and think it is a wonderful camera. I really enjoy it and love not having the anti-aliasing filter on the sensor. I would love to take the X-E2 underwater with me and have spent hours looking for a housing for X-E2, but have not come up with anything yet. I am tempted to try and fabricate a housing for it, but don't know if it would be worth the effort. I could upgrade to the X-T1 but the response to my question from Nuaticam about using focus and aperture gears together at the same time was so "off putting", that I decided not to purchase their X-T1 housing at all.
  2. You might be asking your friend at the lab to place himself in legal jeopardy by printing those files she lifted. This may or may not blow itself up into something a whole lot bigger, but if it does, he could be held liable for copyright infringement as well. If it did go to court, he would undoubtedly be called as an accessory to the infringement. He would definitely have to have legal representation which would be costly. Some, if not most, photo labs have policies about printing files that do not belong to you and if your friend is a reputable printer, he will probably have a similar policy in place. This individual that wants your prints for nothing is just thinking about herself and not you. I would cut her loose and have nothing more to do with her if I were you.
  3. You might like to join a local Model Aviation (Remote Control) Flying Club in your area. This is what I have done. I decided I would earn my "wings" the old fashion way by joining a club and benefitting from the vast amount of real world experince that the other club members have acumulated. Joining a club also can offer a free insurance with their membership that covers all AMA and MAAC events. Just got my copy of "Model Aviation Canada" news in, and was reading about the new Phantom (2) Vision Quadcopter. Seems they are actively trying to discourage the use of this quadcopter, as they will not permit the use of this quadcopter at any of their MAAC sanctioned fields. Don't know about AMA field sites. Seems DJI has seen fit to transmit FPV (First Person Video) signals on 2.4 Ghz WIFI which could have the unintended effect of blanking out everyone else's signals to their aircraft nearby causing unintended crashes for other fliers. The remote control of this quadcopter is on the 5.8Ghz frequency and can cause interfere or loss of signal with other operators recieving thier FPV signals on the same frequency. Incidently, the 5.8Ghz frequency is located in the Amateur Radio Band here in Canada, and I suspect it is the same in the United States. This means you need an Amateur Radio Operators License to operate any 5.8Ghz equipment. MAAC seems to be quite upset about this quadcopter and are even talking about forming campaign to educate store owners and sellers about the possible consequences of operating these particular quadcopters around other model aviation pilots. Sorry to muddy the waters, but I think anyone thinking of flying a quadcopter should ally themselves with a local model aircraft flying club to get the best experience they can.
  4. Hi Kaj, Discovery Channel is owned and operated by Bell Media, the same people who own Bell Telephone, The Globe and Mail newspaper, Bell Satellite TV, the CTV Television network, Bell Mobility Cellular and various other smaller companies. One of the companies that you might be interested in is "Exploration Productions" which produces the "Daily Planet" show that you are having trouble with. Their webpage is located here at: http://www.exploration.ca/ A further internet search lists their physical address as: Exploration Production Inc 9 Channel Nine Crt Scarborough, ON M1S 4B5, Canada Phone: (416) 332-5700 I would like to help you further but a very urgent family matter will be taking up most, if not all, of my time for the next several weeks. Good luck with your inquiries, hope it works out well for you. Please keep us posted as to how if goes for you. P.S. As a last resort, you may want to contact "Imagerights". They specialize in recovering fees for photographers who have had their images used in unauthourized manners without compensation. I have heard varying opinions on their effectiveness and have no personal experience with them but it might be worth a try. Their website is listed here: https://www.imagerights.com/
  5. I am interested in this camera, also. Nice specs on the camera. I like the crop factor. Using this camera in combination with the Nikon full frame lens adapter would be a real bonus. The only drawbacks I can see with this camera is external GPS, and an external viewfinder. You can only use one accessory in the hotshoe at a time, so it will be a trade off between automatic location identification or seeing what you want to photograph in strong sunlight. I hope someone will produce an underwater housing for this camera. I have been contemplating getting a Fuji XE-2 camera but was waiting to see what Nikon is bringing to the market with the Nikon 1 V3. Both cameras would be great for topside stuff but I doub anyone would be making an underwater housing for the Fuji X-E2. Pragmatically, I should opt for the Nikon over the Fuji, but emotionally, the Fuji is hard for me to resist. As for the Fuji X-E2, I like the manual, or analog, dials and f-stop rings from days gone by and have always enjoyed the colour rendition out of my old Fuji S2 Pro, but the camera build quality was not as good as the Nikon brand at that time. This is no longer a concern with the Fuji X-E2. So now that the Nikon 1 V3 is on the market, I am still no closer to making a decision, as I find the devil is always in the details. The good thing about having to make the choice between cameras is that I will really enjoy whichever camera I finally pick.
  6. There is nothing wrong with the lens, as far as actual exposure data reporting is considered. The Nikon macro lenses (and probably all the others they make) report the effective aperture information to the camera exposure system as opposed to the physical aperture in actual use. You can find out more about this feature by reading the lens literature that came with the lens and/or camera body, as well as doing a google search on "effective aperture".
  7. +1 for the Stealth Gear jacket. I just got back from a trip to Newfoundland. Used it while shooting the Gannet Colony at Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve. Very weatherproof, stayed warm and dry while shooting in light rain and strong winds. It has huge pockets and even comes with a misquito net for your head. The arms are removable so the coat can be worn as a vest. Was able to carry a Nikon D7000 with 18 to 55mm lens attached and a 28 mm pc shift lens in one lower pocket, while the other lower pocket contained a 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lens along side a 300mm f4 lens with room to spare in both pockets. Lots of other pockets for things like gloves, compass, gps, glasses, small tablet etc. as well as dedicated pockets for cell phone and memory cards.
  8. Not sure if this is the right forum for this but, I tried accessing http://marinekeywords.com/ from the WetPixel.com webpage and was re-directed to a website that just said "Hover". Is Eric's Marine Keywords list still active or has it been retired?
  9. You might want to look at RawTherapee, too. I took a quick look at it and thought it promising. http://rawtherapee.com/
  10. Those are nice shots of the Tiller Wreck. Funny enough, I don't make it out there that often, being that its almost sitting on my front doorstep. Down here, we are more interested in diving Lake Erie. The "C.B. Benson" and the "Carlingford" are big name wrecks down here. They are a little more difficult to get to, with the "Benson" 7 miles out and the "Carlingford" 12 miles out into lake Erie. Another nice wreck is the "Raleigh" which is close to shore in the shallows and a good wreck to end your last dive of the day. Good luck with your dive on the Tiller Wreck. I hear it is going to be cold for the next few days. As for myself, I will be off to a "couple's weekend" in Niagara Falls. We are using it as a sort of dry run for dive vacations later this winter. Here are a two shots of the "Arabia" that I took on my usual pilgrimage to Tobermory that I do each year. These shots were taken in 2011 when I was checking out the available light capabilities of my D7000. While they are not anything special, I do like the sense of space in both images. This year's trip to Toby was a washout, as we encountered the only bad weather to be had in the month of August during our time in Toby. Charter boats were not leaving the dock and the wind was so bad dogs were getting blown off thier chains. I hope next year's weather will be better.
  11. Hi Stoo, Looks like the Arabia shipwreck in Toby, to me. Nice Shot. I too, am waiting to see my first Bull Shark in the Great Lakes. I hear they can conserve thier salt intake and manage fresh water for quite some time. Anyway, I would image sharks in Lake Huron would be old news as they would have to come through Lakes Ontario and Erie first, assuming thier entry by the St. Lawrence River. Interestingly enough, we do have jellyfish though. Here is a photograph of Craspedacusta sowerbyi Lankseter, a jellyfish that was introduced to the Great Lakes through aquatic plants from the Yangtze River in China by the aquarium trade. They only grow to about the size of a "toonie" (25-50mm) if you include the tentacles. I got the image diving the Old Welland Canal here in Niagara. First thoughts i had when swimming through a large group of them were, "I wonder if these are poisonous?". Obviously not, but something to consider when meeting any introduced species anywhere.
  12. Wow, looks like you're a pretty quick study to get that far. Glad you like the program. As you said, a little buginess is a small price to pay for the program. I just found a shared open work space in a neighbouring city that features a 3D printer (Reprap), cutting laser, and I believe, cnc machine, so I will be accelerating my learning curve very soon.
  13. For 2D CAD work try DraftSight, its free. http://www.3ds.com/products/draftsight/overview/ For 3D CAD, I use Freecad open source software, its also free, but lacks good documentation. http://sourceforge.net/projects/free-cad/ For what its worth, I tried Alibre Personel edition. You do not get the sheet metal section with the personal edition, it is an upgrade from the $200 you just paid for the personal edition. I had a Windows Vista Business crash on me during a Winodws Update.(Go figure!) Anyway, Alibre will not start now because of the operating system re-install and customer support has failed to respond to my inquiries for the last two weeks, even though thier website promises a reply in 24 hours. That's just my personal experience, your mileage may vary. Personally, if I had to do it all over again, I would keep my $200 in my pocket and just download FreeCad. I am starting to like open source software more and more these days.
  14. Can you describe the locking mechanism that ensures a watertight fit between the two parts of the housing?
  15. Easeus software has worked well for me in the past, however it can take a very long time in some cases to work its magic. http://www.easeus.com/ I use it with Windows Vista Business 64 bit.
  16. I have the straight viewfinder and am thinking of changing over to the 45 degree viewfinder. Does the 45 degree viewfinder block the viewing angle of live view to the same extent as the straight viewfinder? I always focus with the viewfinder for still images, but am starting to experiment with video and find the straight viewfinder too obtrusive when shooting video with live view.
  17. Not trying to stir up trouble here, but how do you even find the shot, let alone get the shot in these conditions? Don't know what part of the world this accident took place in, but it seems there is a definite lack of workplace safety legislation involved (or respect for the legislation, if it is in place). Safety legislation in the province in which I live, makes it very difficult to force workers into unsafe work environments. The unsafe work environment decsision rests solely with the individual tasked with the work. (Heck, even the local Police force is only allowed to decend to 100 feet fsw before the need for an on site hyperbaric chamber kicks in.) Previously, an employer or client could force a person tasked with the job into preforming unsafe work practices, without having to assume any financial responsibities should someone become injured. This has changed with the last update of the legisation. Those that are in a position of responsibity are now liable should a worker become injured while performing an unsafe act. This has led to a re-newed emphasis on safety on behalf of the people in positions of responsibility toward the individuals they are supervising/directing. There will also be a large increase in the premiums employers pay to have thier employees covered under the Workplace Safety Insurance Plan once a pattern of accidents start to show up. Too many mishaps like this will cause the premiums to escalate pretty quickly to the point where the employer will not have any choice but to confront thier safety issues if they want to remain competitive. While this legislation works fairly well for all involved, I have seen instances in which an employer/client will ask another worker to perform the task without letting the individual know that the work had prevoiusly been rejected as too unsafe, in hopes of getting what they needed done as quickly as possible. Two other factors that I think come into play are, the herd mentality of the divers, and the expectation that catastropic incidents like this will only occur to the other guy... I sincerely hope the diver in question is able to complete a speedy recovery with as little as possible permanent disability.
  18. Aquatica zoom and focus gears have undergone a revision since the Aquatica D7000 housing was introduced. Basically, the housing gear that connects directly to the zoom or focus gear was reduced in size to acommodate the ever increasing diameter of newly introduced Nikon lenses. You will have to update (purchase new gears) your zoom and focus gears to get them to work correctly with the D800 housing. Not sure about the extension rings. You may want to do some trial and error local dives to sort out what works with what if it isn't too inconvienient for you.
  19. Hi, Great shot, but I think you may have meant surgeon intead of sturgeon. You had me thinking of a freshwater fish when I clicked on the link.
  20. Thanks for the information on the 3D printer. I had been following the development of the printers for some time now, and just found I can rent one from a business quite close to me. Good luck with your new endevours, I look forward to seeing some cool new custom made underwater photography products. This is quite easy to fashion with simple tools. Just get a flat piece of plastic about a quarter of an inch thick (6mm) and drill a hole in the bottom for a mounting screw to attach to the bottom of the housing. I have made these plates for my housings since I noticed the abuse the surface coating of my D2x housing was taking from the hard surfaces it coming in contact with. I may be wrong, but I think Martin Edge has used a bottom plate for the camera housing for some time now.
  21. Trade in your excellent condition D700 for a new D800 for only $1599.00 (conditions do apply). I'm out of luck with this trade up program as I'm currently shooting with a D7000, but thought I would pass this on to those that could benefit from it. http://www.cameracanada.com/enet-cart/prod...?pid=33753Trade Is there still such a huge demand for the D700 that they could make this work financially for them? I have no financial interests in this company and do not work for any of their affiliates, although I have occasionally orders items from this company in the past without problems.
  22. Me, neither. You can get better commission splits elsewhere without having to look too hard.
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