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  1. Hi, I'm selling a Sea&Sea Nikon converter with one cable. It's in perfect condition, very few used, never fllooded. I'm using fiber only now. It was used with my D7000. It's include exactly what is in the pictures (including batteires, box, attach system). Price 250 euros excluding shipping cost. I'm in France but happy to send it worldwide. Payment by paypal or bank transfer.
  2. For the equipment, all my Nauticam wear goes in a Pelicase. 22kg with all inside, so perfect for taking plane and protection !
  3. The Nikon 10-24 altough work great
  4. Hi, Jean-Marie from France, not so new in this forum but haven't take time to put infomration here So dive instructor, around 1000 dives, and underwater photographer beginner
  5. Hi, I'm Jean-Marie, french divers, with only limiter scuba pictures experience, but want to developp it
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