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  1. I just posted the complete listingof the Aquatica housing in the classifieds. Please take a look.
  2. I respect your desire to build a housing, but I just posted a complete Aquatica 20D setup in the classifieds. I'm not looking to make a killing. If you are interested please make me an offer.
  3. Aquatica Housing and ports for sale. Canon 20D camera and lens included. All in excellent condition, no scratches on ports or lenses Includes: Aquatica 20D Housing w/dual Nikonos strobe Aquatica 8" Dome port Sea&Sea Sync Cords Nikonos style Aquatica Flat Port Port Extension Ring Gear lenses for Canon 18-5mm, and 10-22mm Canon 20D Camera Canon Lens 18-55mm
  4. I have an Aquatica housing for a Canon 20D, comes with a flat port and and super dome port, plus some gears for other lenses. Let me know if you are interested.
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