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  1. www.glowdive.com hasstock and is a serius seller. I have received two of them today. Antonio
  2. Carlos Villoch is the owner/CEO in Glowdive. Great photographer and better people. Many times I have bought him, strobes, lenses, housing and bayonet sistem for lenses. Allways well serviced and nice prices.
  3. many things to think about before buying, thanks to all ...
  4. Thanks a lot Mark !! Macro is not really what I like. My wife and me are photografers and she use 6300 + 16/70 as a backap to 610 + 24/70 2.8. So I have both lenses: 16/50 and 16/70 We only make one dive travel (25 dives + - ) a year and I had tought that only 16/70 in nauticam would be a easier sistem to travel. Other option would be Fantasea with 16/50 and Inon UWL 100. also is cheaper including a vacuum sistem. Would decided in Febrary, there is a dive show in Madrid and I would like to touch Fantasea before decided. Again Mark, thanks and have a fine blue, Antonio
  5. Hi again, i,m still in process of dressing my 6300 in Nauticma or Fantasea. I have the 16/50 kit lens, i would use it with wet lenses. But probably I ,ll buy the zeiss 16/70 F4 wich my wife will use as a second body in receptions (we are photografers) and I have see there is option for this lens in Nauticam, with a 7" dome. Anybody can tell us something about this combination? How wide is it at 16? Does it need a diopter lens for focusing and have better corners? Thanks, Antonio
  6. Hi guys!! I,m very interested in buying a Sony 6300/6500 with 16/50 lens for diving. Looking for wide angles (don,t need more than 100º) I see there are som options and I can not touch before buy, this is why I "need" some help about this options, : - Inon UWL H-100 II: there are vigñeting at 16 wide ? will it gave + - 100º ? - Nauticam WW1: Heavy and expensive, for 30 dives a year think is not my best option. . Fantasea UWL-09F: also heavy but not so expensive, seems to be made for a 28 mmts and 16/50 is 24, so ..... vigñeting? Any of you are using som of this lens and can tell us something ? Thanks, Antonio
  7. Hello !! I,m not going to dive next 2 years for surgery in both hips and offer this beautiful set in adoption to some good people :laugh: Nauticam RX100 III with complete flexytray with 3 balls and vacuum sistem, only 15 months and used in 25 dives in Bali. Very good looking and working perfectly, never leaked and in very good condition. With manuals, box & instructions, unused o-ring and battery for vacuum. I,ll also send a fiber optic cable for flashes S&S. will send copy of original bill COST NEW: 1640€, sell for 1100 € http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/tienda/2391-nauticam-na-rx100iii-sony-rx100-mkiii.html http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/tienda/1607-nauticam-flexitray-ii-71207.html http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/tienda/2029-nauticam-empuadura-derecha-71208.html http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/tienda/2840-nauticam-valvula-de-vacuo-m14-25611.html http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/tienda/3129-nauticam-a-bj-m10-25221.html 2 x http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/tienda/1606-nauticam-a-bj-71311.html Sony RX100 III in very good condition, protector in screen form first day, ORIGINAL battery and charger, plus another SONY charger so you can charge 2 batteries at the same time, 2 more patona batteries and original SONY "bag", box & instructions. COST NEW: 797 €, sell for 500 € https://www.amazon.es/Sony-Cyber-Shot-RX100-MIII/dp/B00KLVFV34/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1488991983&sr=8-3&keywords=rx100+III+sony https://www.fotoboom.com/pagina2.php?id=40459&comienzo=0 https://www.fotoboom.com/pagina2.php?id=49425&comienzo=0 If someone need some more pictures feel free to ask for it at info@antoniofoncea.es Happy to hear you, Antonio
  8. If you want to separate the set I,m interested in housing, trays with handles and balls with metal reforces ...... info@antoniofoncea.es Antonio
  9. Hi everybody ! I,m Antonio from Spain. Actually don´t dive too much but haveplans for next year and I´ll need some help with the new gear I wont to dive with, RX 100. I,m social photographer www.antoniofoncea.es if I can help feel free to ask Antonio
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