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  1. Just introducing myself as a preliminary to putting all my diving gear up for sale john kent
  2. Is the extension necessary for the 8mm? Is this 8mmm a very heavy lens as against a 2.8 Sorry I’m a newbie.
  3. Thanks for your interest everybody. All this gear is now sold except the camera!!
  4. Sorry housing is gone. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Still for sale 60mm. F/2.8 lens. Photo above. Tokina 10- 17 nikon D7000. 2 batteries and charger Preferably sell as package. Interest to seankent1@gmail.com
  6. Selling my D7000 camera and Nauticam Housing with vacuum NAD-D7000V Also 4.33in acrylic wide port with Tokina 10-17 lens and focus gear. Also 60mm port with the Nikon 60mm 2.8 lens. Everything is in perfect working order. The two ports are mint. Willing to break up as follows Housing + camera 60mm + port 10-17 + acrylic port + focus gear. Interest to > seankent1@gmail.com
  7. Hi What price the camera - condition and shutter count. Thanks John
  8. The above Package is now on sale for £2600.
  9. Clownfish - are you still interested/
  10. Selling the following: Nauticam D7000v housing with Vacuum pump Housing is second hand bought from Nauticam UK (Alex T) - never flooded - in perfect working order. D700 camera actuations 30,040 60mm 2.8 Macro with Port - both as new Tokona 10-17 lens with zoom adaptor 4.33 Acrylic wide port - as new Dived 20 times. Changing to Mirrorless. Must sell as a package. Cost me +4000. Asking €3000 Interest to seankent1@gmail.com
  11. Offering £250 for the Mini dome etc. seankent1@gmail.com
  12. Tokina ???????? seankent1@gmail.com
  13. Why can't people be bothered to answer queries......................
  14. Looking for the Tokina 10-17 please. seankent1@gmail.com
  15. Interested in the Tokina fisheye - postage to Toronto. Thank you seankent1@gmail.com
  16. Tokina available?? seankent1@gmail.com
  17. Hi I am interested in the Tokina 10-17 \ The 1.4 converter and the 12-24 for Nikon. Please quote price. seankent1@gmail.com
  18. Is the Tokina lens still available> seankent1@gmail.com
  19. Hi Is the Tokina + zoom gear still for sale? seankent1@gmail.com
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