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  1. 1. I use a registered copy of scenalyzer, but not the most recent one. I'll upgrade soon. 2. I have been making my .rm files mostly with the builtin Premiere export module, although the Fiji ones are made with Media Cleaner 5. I used mostly default settings for dual ISDN and 512K broadband. I know I could do better if I worked at it, but I get more complaints about small sizes than poor quality. I think resolution of my files should probably be set lower than it is. 3. I've tried making mpeg files but not streamable ones. So far my quality has been too poor to publish. Originally I wanted to provide a format that linux users could watch and figured mpeg was the way to go. I'd still like to do that if ever learn how. 4. My site is served out of my study, so I'd be buying the server software if I wanted to stream. 5. I do use copyrighted music, but until very recently I never distributed. The web videos are of poor (audio) quality and I provide links to Amazon. I haven't looked at redistributable music since I don't plan to sell. Bali had some very beautiful diving. The reefs were in great shape and the fish life was outstanding. We had some issues with the boat and crew being brand new, mostly in dealing with equipment problems and tides/currents. The boat is very nice but not really a dive boat. The island and the hotels are fabulous. My travel group has two return trips to Bali next year and I'd definitely return.
  2. I'm happy with Premiere 6. I've looked at others but the color correction software available for Premiere (Video Finesse) is too important to give up. Avid is liked by some I've talked to and it has a good color package available from 3Prong, but Avid is very expensive. I don't have a mac so I don't know about FCP. I understand that its vectorscope software is limited.
  3. I don't think you'll find anyone that has the L&M HID lights that doesn't like them. They are expensive, though, and are still a low power light suitable for macro and night diving. Their primary advantage is in mixed light situations where their color is closer to daylight. Of course, as a videographer your goal will be to avoid mixed light as much as you can... The real choice is between high power lights and low power ones. High power can do more things, but you don't often need them and they are a huge commitment to buy, travel and dive with. For low power, the HID lights are the best, but are they worth the money? The lenses are very desirable. For casual use you will probably be happy without them. For most divers, lights allow shooting at night but a wide angle lens is good for many dives. On a limited budget I would rather have the lenses and cheaper lights.
  4. Thanks again. Eric, the VX-2000 is absolutely the right camera. I use Amphibico primarily due to my investment in the wide angle lens, but I am very pleased with it. Until you see first hand what its white balance can do, you won't believe it. If you think you travel heavy with a housed SLR (which you do), wait 'til you add a set of high power video lights! I travel with 40 pounds of batteries and chargers. I never regret it, though. I've thought about writing up how to pack these things. I manage everything in 3 checked bags, a legal-sized carryon and a backpack for my iPod and headphones.
  5. Being a video guy waiting for the right moment to pounce on digital still, I can't comment directly, but... I edit my video during the trip and load each tape as soon as it comes out of the camera. That way is easiest because the dives are still fresh in your mind and you can actually remember what you shot. Video editors can tell you that loading and cataloging footage is the worst part. I'm sure stills are the same. Reviewing and discarding bad shots as soon as practical would be an advantage. On a Kenya trip in 2001, I shot stills with a D1 and did all my reviewing after each game drive.
  6. I've just switched out of lurk mode, so I need to catch up on the community here. I am not familiar with divefilm, but I'll have a look. I actually found this board looking for digital still info since I've been waiting for the right time to enter. I have a trip to Cocos in December and I'll probably take a still camera along. Video first, of course.
  7. Greetings, I am new here and thought I would offer a link to my new Website. Although the site is not complete, there is plenty there. I am actively finishing the RealVideo files at this time. Some of the pages may not work in all browsers. Web design is not my profession! Craig Jones
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