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  1. First, I want to thank everyone who posts and replys. I learned so much from all of you! I just returned from the Belize Aggressor. This was the first trip with my new Nikon D70S, 18-70mm & 60mm, with a Sea & Sea Housing. I do have to say the "learning curve" with the new system was harder than I thought. Just to achieve results I could show anyone but me took 2 1/2 days. I still have much, so very much to learn. My best results were setting the camera on manual and making the adjustments myself. My question is, post trip what do you all do to clean your system and how do you store it until your next trip? I won't be going anywhere till March 2006. So I have a few months of Non Use! Tips, tricks, advice, etc. Thanks again to all. Fausdick
  2. Just bought a Sea & Sea D70S Housing, is there a sensor I can install to alert me of moisture inside the housing? You know, before you see sand floating on the inside of the dome port? :-) Thanks, Ron
  3. Hello Everyone! Well I finally did it. I sold all my film "stuff" and went digital. I recently purchased a Nikon D70S with the 18-70mm lens and also a 60 mm lens for macro use. I housed all of that into a Sea & Sea housing, twin stobes and a flat port for the 60mm. After reading some other articles I bought a compact dome port for the 18-70mm lens and added a +4 diopter lens to the camera. So here I am 3 weeks from heading back to Belize and I try all the pieces together and everything seems to be fine. EXCEPT, when I screw on the B & W +4 Diopter (Model NL-4, from B&H Photo) the camera here on land won't focus and it won't take a picture in AUTO mode? What am I doing wrong? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Fausdick
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