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    Ikelite DS-125
  1. Complete C8080/Ikelite package for sale - Camera, 1 gig CF card, 3 rechargeable batteries, Ikelite housing, flat port and dome/wide angle lens port, o-rings/pushbutton kit, DS-125 strobe, arms and synch cord, chargers for strobe and camera batteries, Pelican 1600 case with pick-n-pluck foam padding. Housing and strobe have never been flooded. Flat port has some slight scratches. 2 years of diving on the system. System takes wonderful pictures, excellent opportunity to move to the top of the point and shoot systems. I'm taking the next step and moving to DSLR, so everything must go. Over $2600 invested, asking $1500. I'll ship everything in the Pelican case, buyer pays shipping. I'm in the Los Angeles CA area. E-mail me at melac@coxnospam.net. (Remove nospam from address)
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